10 Great Decorating Ideas for Curtain Valances

Curtain or drapery valances are usually longer than three inches and hang from the top of window treatments to hide curtain hardware and add a unique, decorative touch to the treatments. Valances are usually made of the same fabric and design as the curtain or drape although the two pieces may consist of dramatically contrasting colors that are aesthetically enhancing to the window treatment and the room in which it is placed. Valances also represent a functional aspect of window treatments when hung in a way that prevents cold or warm air from escaping larger, drafty windows.

10 Ways to Decorate with Curtain Valances

  1. For smaller or narrower windows that prove difficult to find properly fitting curtains, use valances as the only window treatment. Valances make charming cafe curtains for kitchens or bathrooms and are available in lengths that will adequately cover windows for privacy purposes.
  2. For kitchens with back doors containing windows, use valances made from fabric that resembles tea towels, such as terry cloth decorated with appropriate, kitchen-related images.
  3. Windows situated in the home that face public areas benefit from flip valances, or valances that have two sides to them. With the outside of the window treatment identical to the inside of the treatment, the exterior of your home exhibits the same aesthetic appeal as the interior.
  4. Balloon valances are fluffy, elegant and more elaborate than flat-hanging valances. They are great for smaller windows that need size enhancement but will also add distinction to any window and the room in which it is used.
  5. Create an illusion of unity and spaciousness by installing a wall-to-wall valance that covers walls made of more than one window. Fabrics, colors or designs that complement the decorative style of the room as well as the wall color draws attention to that wall, making it the focal point of smaller rooms.
  6. Consider hanging a shower curtain valance in the bathroom for added privacy. It will also hide curtain rods and keep the bathtub steamier when taking hot showers.
  7. Valances can also be hung on windows covered by blinds. For white blinds, use a white valance; for wood blinds, choose a valance fabric similar to the shade of the wood.
  8. Harlequin-style valances add the illusion of length to short windows and enhance privacy as well. Harlequin valances with hanging tassels make cute window treatments for children’s rooms, especially when made with fabric designed with images of clowns, animals or toys.
  9. Another way to bring attention to a window is to use valances that are longer on the sides and shorter in the middle. This style frames the window like a painting or picture and can give any room a beautiful appearance if the view through the window is unique in some way.
  10. When used in combination with sheers, valances made of sheer material permit maximum light to keep any room bright and cheery throughout the day.

If your windows already have window treatments but seem to lack something, consider decorating them with versatile, easy to install valances available in many different styles, fabrics and colors.

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