Different Styles of Window Blinds

Stylish and versatile, window blinds are no longer just plain, flat coverings for windows. Today, blinds are available in an array of modern colors, designs and materials, from stark, black-out blinds to blinds made of real bamboo for that wild, jungle-theme you have always wanted in your kitchen.

Horizontal Blinds

Characteristics of horizontal blinds include:

  • Moveable folds or slats running east to west across a window, usually manipulated by twisting a rod that adjusts space amount between slats
  • Can be made from wood, vinyl, metal or natural materials
  • Excellent privacy control adjustable by opening or closing slats to a specified degree
  • Pulling on or releasing cords easily raise or lower horizontal blinds
  • Modern cellular “honeycomb” blinds are popular because the fabric from which they are made provides opaque, transparent or semi-transparent coverage without needing to adjust slats
  • For children’s rooms, horizontal blinds constructed from rugged but flexible metal alloys provide the ability to “bounce back” when treated roughly by rambunctious kids

Vertical blinds resemble horizontal blinds in most aspects except the slats open length-wise rather than right to left. Slats come in different sizes, from 1/2 inch in width up to two inches in width to provide rooms with specific decorative appeal. These blind are often used to cover patio doors and larger windows since they resemble curtains in appearance. Materials used to make vertical blinds are metal, vinyl, wood, fabric and faux wood.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are classic and simple, perfect for rooms that reflect a clean, stark ambiance such as home offices or bathrooms. Because roller blinds are not slatted, they provide optimal privacy and shade for individuals who work nights and need to sleep during the day. They also come in eclectic shades that allow a hint of colored illumination to enhance rooms with a unique decorative touch.

Remote Control Window Shades

Window shade control throughout a home is possible with remote controlled shades that can be manipulated via a remote device. While lying in bed at night, homeowners are able to adjust all window shades to any height without needing to get up and manually perform the task. Remote control shades are especially convenient for the elderly or people who experience problems with physical mobility.

Window blinds are a great alternative to curtains or drapes due to their versatility and modern appearance as well as their insulation abilities.

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