A Guide to Motorized Window Treatments

Representing the latest in contemporary and unique home accessories, remote controlled window treatments provide users with the ability to adjust window blinds, shades or curtains from any location in a room. By simply pressing a button, you can lower or raise any variety of window treatments to the exact level desired, allowing sunlight to flood the room effectively blocking all illumination to create optimal privacy and darkness.

With the ability to quickly adjust the level of shade or sunlight permeating a room, homeowners also play a pivotal role in reducing energy bills. Research into the efficacy of motorized window treatments in regards to energy efficiency has shown that homeowners can potentially decrease electricity or gas bills by as much as 30 percent when taking advantage of remote controlled shades.

Sophisticated, convenient and easily controlled by pressing one button, motorized window treatments such as shades, blinds and drapes are available in a variety of power options accommodating any home or business’s electrical system. These options include:

Battery Powered

This system eliminates the hassle of cords and wires and also improves on the safety of your home, especially when pets and children are involved. Depending on how often the remote is used to adjust window treatments, batteries generally may not need replaced for up to five years.

DC Powered

When implementing this power system, pre-wiring is recommended, as wires are needed to connect an AC transformer to the window shades. Batteries last forever with DC powered window treatments so no maintenance is necessary. This type of motorized window treatment is operated using remotes or wall switches.

AC Powered

An AC powered system operates on 120Vs to 240Vs. Similar to the DC electrical system, AC powered window treatments need wires reaching from the AC source to the shades.

Control options are also available with which to raise and lower window shades. When homeowners choose a radio frequency system, they can adjust shades in any room from anywhere in the home. The remote does not need to be directed at the window shade, which makes it especially convenient in the evening if you are laying in bed and do not want to get up to shut all the curtains in the house. Just press the button and all window treatments will lower automatically.

Infrared systems used to remotely control window shades are basic and require the remote to be pointed at the shade before it can be adjusted.

Wall switches are also available for people who don’t want to be bothered with keeping track of another remote. Instead of using a remote, a wall switched is installed in the room that is wired to the motorized window treatment. Pushing the switch up or down adjusts the shades in the same manner that a remote control does. This system is recommended for rooms that are not frequently used but require frequent shade adjustments to protect home furnishings as well as improve savings on energy costs.

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