Automated Shading

Automated shading is the ability to control privacy as well as the amount of sunlight streaming into a room via remote control rather than manually pulling on curtain rod cords. Instead of dealing with tangled cords, having to get out of bed or walking from room to room, automated shading allows users to manipulate window shade placement from their current position.

Types of Automated Shading

Designed to block up to 98 percent of sunlight, roller shades or traditional window blinds are made with a special kind of “blackout” fabric that also reduces energy bills by preventing heat or cold from entering or escaping a room. Additionally, windows positioned in homes where sunlight streams through most of the day and fades furniture, artwork and carpeting will benefit from automated blackout shading.

A variety of colored shades or blinds are available, since the blackout fabric is attached to the back of the fabric. For people who do shift work and sleep during the day, total blackout shades with side and top enclosures prevent 100 percent of outside light from entering a room. Upon awakening, you can use the remote control to open the shades without leaving your bed or close them when going to sleep after reading or watching television.

In addition to the color variety, automated shading also comes in an exciting array of fabrics woven from reeds, woods, fibers and grasses that delightfully enhances the natural, rustic ambiance of themed rooms. This type of window treatment functions well in kitchens and dining rooms where sunlight and privacy issues do not usually present problems.

Even more energy efficient than blackout shades or blinds are cellular “honeycomb” automated shades. With air pockets integrated in the structure of the blind to block the heat from the sun’s rays, cellular shades function just like traditional blinds or roller-type shading. They also provide light control to a certain extent as well as plenty of privacy.

Created from newer fabrics offering varying levels of transparency, solar roller shades are a popular kind of automated window treatment that blends well with modern or eclectic decor. Moreover, solar roller shades provide protection from ultraviolet radiation and can produce dramatic reductions in your air conditioning bills during the summer by preventing heat from filtering through the shade.

Automated shading also includes draperies that are often hung in living rooms, dining rooms and dens. Since most drapes are made from heavy fabric, it is sometimes difficult to pull them completely open or shut. Cords become old and frayed and may break when pulled on too strongly. Automating draperies allows them to be maneuvered remotely without the need to tug on cords, allowing just the right amount of light to enter the room whenever you wish.

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