Automated Window Coverings

With recent advances in technology, it seems so many things on our homes are capable of being automated. The garage door is an old classic, but in recent years home security systems and controlling the lights in a house have also become automated. But did you know that you can also automate your window coverings to increase energy efficiency in your home? Automated window coverings allow for shade at specific times of day even when you aren’t home, increased privacy in the home, and a dazzling way to impress guests.

Automating blinds means implementing a motorized system that allows you to control drapes or blinds either electronically or on a timer. Automating blinds and drapes come with a host of benefits. First and foremost, automated blinds and drapes allow for window treatments to be used properly throughout the day without necessitating your arrival home being shrouded in darkness when it’s not necessary at dusk.

In the summer months, the sun high in the sky and beaming through windows naturally increases the heat of a space. If you are not home during the afternoon hours when the sun is the highest, if your windows are left unblocked, your space will heat up. This means heavier power is needed to air condition the space to bring it back to a comfortable level when you return home. However, if the blinds in the home are automated, they may close during the hottest hours thus blocking a substantial amount of heat from entering the room. This not only increases energy efficiency in the home, but the space will be more comfortable when you do arrive back to it.

Sun also poses a problem to some furniture pieces. Direct sunlight fades couches, chairs, carpeting, and some artwork. Automated blinds provide the opportunity to shade these pieces from the sunlight at the particular times of day when direct light might be damaging the pieces.

When the sun goes down, of course, inside lights make the interior of the home completely visible to passersby. Though many homeowners used timed lights to discourage robberies or to give the appearance that someone is home, the positive effects of this practice can be diminished if someone looks into the home and can plainly see that no one is in it. Automated blinds help to maintain the positive effects of timed lighting by shading a passerby’s view into the home. Further, drawn blinds help to promote the appearance of someone actually being in the home.

For homeowners who have high windows or ceilings, automated window treatments are an especially attractive option. Taking away the pressure of the homeowner opening or closing drapes and blinds that are situated in hard to reach places, automated window treatments create ease in the home.

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