Best Window Treatments for Office Settings

Office window treatments should be simple, functional and blend seamlessly with the overall ambiance of the business. One of the most popular window treatments for office settings are vertical or horizontal blinds. Affordable and easy to manipulate, window blinds are available in a variety of styles, colors and materials. Vertical blinds have slats that open by simply twisting a rod that hangs along the side of the window. Alternately, horizontal blinds open and close when you pull on a thin cord attached to the rod mechanism operating the blinds.

Advantages of installing blinds in your office include:

  • Quick and easy to adjust–no need to interrupt a business meeting because the sun is glaring on your computer screen
  • Provides total privacy when needed
  • Low maintenance and long-lasting–simply dust with a feather duster once a week
  • Great selection of materials to enhance the decor of your office–wood, metal, plastic or fabric
  • Saves on energy costs by insulating against loss of heat or air conditioning
  • You choose exactly how much light you want in a room–none, a little, moderate amount or total sunlight

Solar Shades

Also called solar screens, these roller window shades are made of special material that reduces glare, blocks ultraviolet sunlight from fading carpets and furniture and limits the amount of heat emitted by strong, afternoon sun. Solar shade material is available in different “openness” rates ranging from three or four percent up to 15 percent. The higher the percentage, the less privacy you receive from the opaqueness of the shade. Additionally, solar window blinds are energy efficient window blinds due to the ability of the material to absorb heat radiated by sunlight.

Select among manually operated or motorized solar window screens to optimize the functionality of your office. If your office has windows that are difficult to access, consider remodeling with remote controlled solar shades that facilitate adjustment of the shades when needed.

Cellular Shades

Similar to blinds in design, honeycomb or cellular shades provide a professionally decorative touch to any office while supplying extra insulating properties not found in traditional blinds or shades. They are called “honeycomb” shades because of the hexagonal, cellular design of the pleats when the shades are lowered. Because of this unique, multi-layered arrangement, cellular shades are capable of filtering light or blocking nearly 90 percent of sunlight, depending on whether the shades are comprised of one, two or three “cell” groupings.

If your office tends to be less energy efficient than you would like it to be, honeycomb shades may satisfy not only your aesthetic requirements but also your budget requirements as well. The “cells” effectively trap hot or cold air within the spaces separating the cells which contributes to keeping your office warmer during the winter and cooler in the summer. Since the majority of businesses rely on making customers feel comfortable and happy with a service or product, doing business in an office with a consistently pleasant temperature as well as an attractive décor can only promote the quality of your business.

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