Choosing Bathroom Window Treatments

The first thing to consider is how much you have to spend on the window treatments. Compare the costs of curtains, blinds or shutters by searching online for the type of window treatments in which you are interested to determine the average price and adjust accordingly to your budget. You don’t want to start this project by simply purchasing the first window treatment you find that is exceptionally attractive and discover you can’t finish the project because you have exceeded your budget.

  • How you want your bathroom window treatments to function is just as important as how they enhance the appearance of your bathroom. For bottom-floor bathrooms, privacy is generally a primary concern so the choice of window treatments should include darker colored fabrics or blinds. Top-floor bathroom window treatments can be more decorative and less practical since privacy is not as much as an issue. Sheers make great coverings for bathroom windows that do not face public areas since the humidity and moisture of showers do not damage them.
  • Blinds make excellent bathroom window treatments when privacy is needed and are also easily maintained by dusting or wiping with a damp cloth. Window blinds are made with plastic, faux wood or aluminum materials that resist warping or tearing. Bathrooms with a minimalist type of decor look best when enhanced with the simplicity of white or off-white blinds.
  • Cafe curtains that cover the bottom of bathroom windows provide privacy as well as a charmingly attractive look suitable for bathrooms decorated with wood or country-style items. Avoid dark colored fabrics that tend to fade when exposed to sunlight and humidity. Fabrics such as lace, net, muslin or voile are good choices for bathroom window treatments and are easily washable as well.
  • Don’t really want traditional window treatments in your bathroom? Look into substituting your regular glass panes for stained glass window panes that allow light to filter through while providing privacy at the same time. With hundreds of designs from which to choose, stained glass window treatments may provide the kind of appearance you want in your bathroom.
  • If you want to give your small bathroom an illusion of spaciousness, choose fabric window treatments that are light or pastel-colored, such as yellows, greens and cream. Let as much light shine in as possible to make the bathroom seem larger by tying back curtains and hanging transparent sheers for privacy if necessary. Additionally, bathrooms with low ceilings can be made to appear less constricted by hanging curtains decorated with vertical lines of softly contrasting colors.

When choosing your bathroom window treatments, don’t forget how different styles of hardware such as rods, brackets and hooks can enhance the appearance of a simple window treatment. Curtain rods are made from glass, wood, brass, crystal, bamboo, wrought iron and metal and can lend a unique style to the window treatment on which you eventually decide.

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