Choosing Effective Yet Stylish Window Treatments

Decorating a room with beautiful furniture, lush carpet and elegant accessories does not automatically endow the room with a professionally designed appearance. Unless window treatments enhance all facets of the room with a harmonizing and aesthetically pleasing quality, the room may fall short of achieving desired results. Although windows are usually thought of as predominantly functional by allowing necessary ventilation and illumination into a dwelling, they also have the ability to contribute fashionable statements that satisfy the natural as well as elemental needs of a room.

When deciding what kind of window treatment would best accommodate a room’s requirements, consider the following before purchasing your items:

How much sunlight enters the room on a daily basis? Is it a room that receives morning, afternoon or late day sunshine? Perhaps it is a room that receives little sunlight because of its location. Draperies, carpeting, furniture and wood regularly exposed to moderate or strong sunlight will fade and even physically deteriorate. In rooms that are consistently flooded with sunlight, “hard” window treatments such as blinds and shades are recommended to block intense UV light at certain times of the day. In rooms where sunlight is light and intermittent, “soft” window treatments like sheers or shades made of thin fabric will effectively prevent home furnishings from UV damage.

Controlling sunlight is also an excellent way to reduce energy costs and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Insulated shades or draperies are available that help block both cold and hot air from entering a room, effectively reducing the need for air conditioning or heat. Additionally, by raising shades during the day and allowing sunlight to warm a room, you can keep heating costs down by lowering insulated shades at night and trapping this natural heat in the room.

How much privacy is needed in your home? Do you live close to other residences and want to maintain a high level of privacy at all times? Window treatments created from woven shades, lightweight fabric shades or semi-sheers will provide you with the ability to view the outdoors during the day while preventing others from seeing into your home. When total privacy is desired, existing window treatments can commonly be modified with “blackout” linings that inhibit all illumination and prevent anyone from seeing inside your home.

While living in a urban environment can be exciting, the constant exposure to noise can be stressful. Wailing sirens, children loudly playing, teenagers revving up car engines and neighbors who like to party every weekend are all examples of noise we could do without from time to time. If you want to experience quiet regardless of what is happening outside, consider hanging heavier window treatments such as fabric window panels or draperies. The extra material absorbs and muffles noises emitted from external sources as well as prevents noises in adjacent rooms from disturbing your peace and quiet.

Because different light intensities will enhance or diminish the appearance and/or ambiance of a room, adjusting window treatments to allow just the right amount of sunlight to enter a room is a significant aspect of home decorating. One method many homeowners are using to facilitate daily balancing of a room’s exposure to sunlight is to employ motorized window treatments. With the push of a button on a remote control, you can raise or lower shades covering all windows in your home to any height you wish from the comfort of your favorite chair. Motorized window treatments not only contribute to the decor of a home but they also reduce energy costs and contribute to the safety of a home since no cords or wires are needed to operate them.

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