Choosing the Perfect Window Treatments

When choosing window treatments for your home, focusing on what you need in regards to function, privacy, style and light control will guide you in the right direction to purchasing blinds, curtains or drapes that satisfy your needs. Privacy is probably one of the biggest issues to consider when installing window treatments, especially for bathrooms or bedrooms that face the street or other people’s homes.

Roller shades, vertical/horizontal blinds and opaque curtains are the best kind of treatments to hang in areas where privacy is a major concern. In addition, these window treatments are available in a dazzling array of colors, fabrics and styles to enhance any kind of decor scheme embellishing a room.

Cellular Shades Personalize a room and also save on energy costs when you install cellular shades, one of the more modern types of shades growing in popularity with homeowners who are discovering the advantages these shades offer. For example, cellular shades:

  • • Are capable of providing higher sound absorption and energy efficiency than other window treatments
  • • Cellular shades comes in four levels of opacity: blackout, sheer, semi-darkening and light filtering
  • • Safe, cordless operation is available for homes with pets or children
  • • Cells comprising these special shades come in a variety of sizes, such as 3/8 inch single cells or 3/8 inch double cells
  • • “Honeycomb”, or cellular shades, are energy efficient due to the cell’s ability to “trap” excess cold or heat and prevent these elements from infiltrating a room. As a result, rooms with cellular window treatments exhibit less fluctuations in temperatures.

Picture Window Treatments

To accentuate the beauty of a picture window, hang panel drapes or curtains along with a valance to create a frame with which to highlight the “painting” provided by the picture window. Adding two panels of white sheers softens the aesthetic affect provided by panel curtains and also adds a bit of privacy.

Corner Window Treatments

Consider hanging curtains using rings on decorative rod for hard to fit corner windows. Accentuating the classic structure of multiple window schemes is achieved by hanging narrow curtain or drape panels between panes. Small valances of the same material complement the window treatment by providing a touch of whimsy to windows as well.

Colors of Window Treatments

Color has a language of its own that contributes to the ambiance of any environment. Regarding living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, the color of window treatments can set the mood and appeal of the room. For example, delicate pink is soothing and promotes a sense of congeniality while red is stimulating, dramatic and passionate. Green is a refreshing, introspective color perfect for bedrooms or private dens. Kitchen window treatments are often yellow because it is such a cheery color that contributes to energy and creativity.

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