Curtains and Drapes for Bedrooms

Whether it’s the master or a guest room, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Making the bedroom a comfortable, flowing space is one of the biggest tasks facing any homeowner today. Providing shade, privacy, and ambiance, window treatments can make all the difference when designing a bedroom’s look.

Because the bedroom is a typically a serene space, many people opt for soft, restful colors like whites, soft greens, and light blues. To further enhance the serenity of the space, de-clutter by only incorporating one or two standout pieces in the décor and by using long, flowing drapes. Simple and elegant full-length drapes are especially suitable for a space that is large and has big, eye-catching windows. If too bold a pattern were to be put on such large window spaces, it would completely change the look and feel of the room and may detract from the calmness one wants in a bedroom. Further, adding elegant drapery to an otherwise cavernous room makes the room feel smaller and less imposing.

For a simple, neutral room, banded drapery adds a touch of personality to otherwise simplistic drapery. Adding a touch of color to the top and bottom of the drapes, banded drapery can really pull all of the elements in a room together. Full-length drapery is great even in rooms where windows do not extend to the floor. In fact, full-length drapery can elongate a window and make a room look bigger.

White drapery is especially popular in bedrooms because it’s simple and allows light to flow through while still blocking the sun from heating the room too much. To boost the elegance of a white drape, you may opt for a simple embellishment such as a flat braid. When paired with a white curtain and wooden window frames, wooden blinds meld seamlessly into the room, not even announcing their presence when pulled up. They act as an excellent supplement to white drapes, blocking out bright sunlight when necessary.

For a room that desires a little more personality, patterns that compliment one another are a great option. For instance, sticking with one color scheme but picking distinctively different patterns for the walls and curtains lends a very fun, youthful, and energetic look. Similarly working with patterns, contemporary wool curtains take soft or neutral wool fabrics and set them up in a patchwork pattern. This adds a layer of visual warmth to the room and is perfect for a modern room in an urban setting.

Hardware has always been a wonderful way to embellish or complement a curtain panel, and modern trends are no different. Iron curtain rings, for example, clip to the top of the curtain and give drapery a polished, classic look. A valance can also give a room elegance by adding a luxury fabric on top of a classical motif fabric. Scalloped valances over a novelty pattern, for example, ties the pattern together and gives the room a vintage and classic look.

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