Custom Window Treatments by Room

Being satisfied with custom window treatments means understanding the rooms in which you plan to hang the window fashions. In addition, consider the maintenance level and durability of the fabrics as well as the design and color or pattern in relation to how you want the window treatment to blend in and function with the room. Window orientation is important also. Is the window in a position to absorb full sunlight? How about privacy? Does the window face a public street and need window treatments made of denser fabric?

Bathroom Window Treatments

The main issue to consider when ordering custom window treatments for bathrooms is privacy. Generally, most bathrooms are located in the back or side of the house, which allows for some flexibility when choosing curtain styles. You also want fabrics that manage well in a moist, humid environment, such as cotton or linen blends. Pastel-colored sheers filter sunlight into the bathroom but provide necessary privacy. Cafe curtains add a touch of chic elegance to smaller bathroom windows. Enhance larger bathrooms with shutters as bathroom window treatments made from treated wood that will not warp or crack.

Bedroom Window Treatments

Privacy and light control are also important factors to consider when custom designing curtains or drapes for your bedroom. Depending on the hours you work, bedroom curtains may need to incorporate blackout backing to adequately darken the room during the day in order to sleep. Alternately, you won’t need to worry about sleeping during the day and can chose among many choices of fabrics and material densities. For example, if you want a bedroom to have a luxurious ambiance, consider window drapery panels made of white, pale pink or pale green silk that flows downward to barely graze the bedroom flooring. Enhance privacy with automated blinds installed behind the panels that can be raised or lowered using a remote control device.

Kitchen Window Treatments

The current fashion trend for custom made kitchen window treatments leans towards the minimalist style, or simple coverings based on natural materials such bamboo, grass and woven fabrics. Kitchens that glow with sunlight are inviting and attractive so window treatments should be made from airy fabrics that are washable and fade-resistant. To enrich kitchens consisting of straight lines and counter corners, consider adding some curves to your windows. Placing an arched valance or cornice on the window can give rounded dimension to your kitchen. Cafe curtains similar to those used for bathroom windows are another functional and attractive option for kitchen window treatments.

Living/Dining Room Treatments

Instead of custom ordering traditional draperies for the living or dining room, consider plantation shutters as a way to provide privacy, insulation and a warm atmosphere for your family. Indoor plantation shutters come in real or faux wood as well as wide, average or narrow louvers. Choose different shades of wood that blend seamlessly with your existing decor and enjoy the flexibility that plantation shutter give you in regards to light, privacy and even noise reduction.

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