Dressing Your Windows in the Latest Fashions

How long have you had the same window treatments hanging in your home? Are those kitchen curtains yellow with age? Do your living room drapes resemble those hanging in Edith Bunker’s living room? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to update your window treatments and give your home an easy and affordable makeover.


Blinds are back in style. No longer just simple roller shades or boring, plastic “doctor’s office” blinds, these chic window treatments are now available in the following designs:

Vertical blinds – instead of opening cross-wise like traditional blinds, vertical blind open length-wise, providing a contemporary, urban appearance to New York City apartment and condominium windows. Vertical blinds can be made from vinyl, aluminum or fabrics presenting a vivid variety of prints and colors. In addition, these blinds are great to use with sliding glass doors and ceiling to floor types of windows.

Honeycomb Shades

Distinctive, pleated honeycomb shades make those plain, flat roller shades look like something from the Stone Age. As an energy efficient and fashionable window treatment, honeycomb shades provide excellent control of privacy, light and even sound, due to the noise absorbing quality of the “cells” comprising these shades. Available in low-maintenance polyester fabric that is washable and long-lasting, honeycomb shades do not have visible cord holes and exhibit a uniform white backing from the exterior of the windows.


Windows that receive intense exposure from extreme amounts of sunlight, humidity and bitter winter winds will benefit from shutter window treatments. As one of the better treatments that effectively prevent heat and cold from entering and/or escaping a residence, shutters are easy to install and also offer an affordable method to avoid replacing windows that do not provide sufficient insulation against the extremes of NYC weather.

Shutters can be installed on the outside or inside of windows and are available in a variety of styles such as cafe, plantation, sliding, accordion or traditional shutters. Materials used in constructing shutters include hard plastic, steel, vinyl, wood and metal.


According to interior decorating experts, the latest trend in drapes is silk. Luxurious and elegant, silk drapes are available in a stunning array of colors, designs and thickness and naturally give any room an aesthetic quality that other windows treatments simply cannot provide. Other popular drape fashions include blackout drapes and thermal drapes. Both kinds of draperies are capable of reducing energy costs in summer and winter as well as preventing sunlight and noise from infiltrating a room you wish to remain quiet and dim. Thermal drapes have special material backing that uses the law of thermodynamics to prevent heat from escaping while forcing cold air to remain between the backing and the window.

Remember to consult only professional experts who work for an established New York City window treatment company. They can assist you by providing qualified advice and suggestions regarding the right kind of blinds, shutters, curtains and drapes you need for years of comfort and enjoyment.

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