Energy Savers: Motorized Blinds

At first glance, it may seem that adding an electric element to window blinds, which are typically not motorized, would increase energy costs in the home. However, motorized blinds are actually a huge money-saver for those who use them properly. Motorized blinds can be an excellent investment that can return great savings on energy costs.

Many windows face in a direction that leads to direct sunlight entering through the window for at least part of the day. When sunlight is entering the room directly, particularly in spaces with a lot of windows, the room heats up. This creates a need for a cooling system in the space either by way of central air or an air conditioner. Running central air to offset the heat generated by the window obviously drives up cooling costs in the home.

Motorized blinds can be set up to a timer so that they close for the sunniest parts of the day. Therefore, you can enjoy the natural light of the sun while getting ready for work in the morning, and you do not have to worry about closing the blinds before you leave. Particularly if you are in a rush in the morning, it’s very easy to forget to close the blinds. There is no reason why forgetting something so simple should result in increased cooling costs or decreased comfort for you when you return home from work.

Set up to a timer, motorized blinds take care of the issue of blocking light without any input from you beyond setting up the initial timer schedule. Set up properly, when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky and is beaming directly into the window, the blinds shut themselves via an automatic timer. The sunlight is blocked and the room does not reach the high temperatures it would with direct sunlight.

Beyond temperature control, blocking sunlight also has advantages to the property of your home. Constant sunlight on particular fabrics, furniture, and art will lead to fading. Therefore, such items need to be protected. Blocking direct sunlight from reaching these items protects them and allows them to last longer in the home. This too is a reason that motorized blinds are a sound investment to reduce long-term spending in the home.

Many homeowners don’t realize that there are actually government incentives to installing energy efficient systems such as motorized blinds. Many of the upfront costs associated with investing in motorized blinds can be decreased with tax rebates. The government offers tax rebates with the purchase of certain energy efficient and energy conserving appliances. Some motorized blinds actually qualify for these rebates. Therefore, if you would like to cut down on the costs of your initial investment, consider researching which brands of motorized blinds qualify for such rebates.

Motorized blinds are attractive, customizable, and they cut down on energy costs by blocking out sun and heat. So, although they do add an electric element to something that is otherwise manual, they actually cut down on the amount of energy used in the home.

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