Exciting Window Treatment Options

Be it a cornice, a valance, or a curtain, window treatments play a pretty important role in day-to-day life. Window treatments keep the light out in the morning, and they keep your privacy intact at night. So, what are the latest and greatest trends in this very important part of the home?

At this particular moment in time, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes greener. Energy saving is particularly important to many homeowners. Green practices such as blocking out heat during the summer and keeping heat in during the winter are not just good for the environment – they’re good for the wallet, too. Many manufacturers are now creating window coverings with material that are specifically meant to assist in temperature control.

With the green movement gaining steam in the past couple of years, organic materials are being used even more than ever in window treatments. For example, a bamboo curtain can bring the look and feel of the outdoors in, and can give a great new look to a room. If an entire wooden curtain isn’t quite your style, bamboo or other wooden posts for hanging curtains are also a growing trend.

Colorful curtains with streamlined patterns and color schemes are an excellent way to breathe almost instantaneous new life into an old, tired space. Sleek lines are also very popular because they create simple, elegant silhouettes that appear modern and neat. Especially popular at the moment are cool tones of aquamarine, soft green, and teal. Brown has always been a classic in window treatments and also continues to be today.

Of course, sleek isn’t for everyone, and bold prints certainly have their place in the market, too. Youthful geometrics and bright floral prints are all finding their way onto windows, lending a fresh and energetic look to any space.

Many homeowners add a royal touch to rooms by employing luxury fabrics on window treatments. These rich, showy window treatments will add a touch of embellished elegance to any space. For a less showy but similarly elegant approach, many homeowners choose panel curtains. For a flowing and soft look, silk is an excellent choice. This lightweight and graceful fabric comes in a variety of colors and is certain to spruce up any room.

Because interior design is so synonymous with fashion, it’s no surprise that techniques formerly only implied by dressmakers are now finding their way into the interior textiles scene. Cording, ruffles, lace, and beading are all finding their way into window treatments by way of closely woven ribbed fabrics made of rayon or silk.

Ever-evolving with trends in both interior design fashion and the marketplace at large, window treatments are now also incorporating technology into their functionality. For the homeowner who cannot be home at certain times and wants sun blocked during the day and privacy at night, automated window coveringsare now an option. Set to a timer and controlled either independently or via a computer, electronic window coverings are the newest trend for all types of homes.

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