FAQs about Window Treatments

How do I start selecting the right window treatments?

Even before you begin deciding what kind of window treatments you want, take a good look at the room you wish to redecorate. All rooms, even that messy, neglected attic or laundry room, has a personality buried somewhere in its various nooks and crannies. Window treatments have the ability to enhance a room’s hidden qualities, whether that quality exudes a cozy, practical or eclectic type of charm.

If you want the furnishings to remain in the room you want to change window treatments, consider the kind of furniture, wall hangings and light fixtures already established. In other words, don’t hang richly stained wooden blinds in a room that has pastel walls, gold light fixtures and glass coffee tables.

Ultra-modern rooms such as the one described are enhanced with window treatments that reflect its contemporary personality. Light-colored honeycomb shades or vividly patterned curtains presenting white and black color contrasts will blend brilliantly with this kind of room.

What is a Functional Window Treatment?

Functional window treatments are intended to provide adequate control over:

  • Amount of illumination entering the room
  • Amount of concealment desired by the typical New York City apartment owner who is concerned about privacy
  • Reducing energy costs by preventing unnecessary loss of heat and cold
  • Fading of furniture and carpet by ultraviolet rays
  • Ease of opening and closing when placed in hard to reach areas or in dwellings where residents may experience problems with physical mobility

Are there Window Treatments that Fit Oddly Shaped Windows?

Yes! Stylish and appealing window treatments are available to fit any shape or size of window. A professional window treatment expert will be able to assist you in measuring and planning any curtain or blind design you require to properly dress unusually placed or atypically designed windows.

What Should I Look for in a Professional NYC Window Treatment Company?

When searching for a window treatment company, make sure the company is experienced, established and offers assistance with every aspect of purchasing window treatments. The company should employ experts who are knowledgeable about color coordination, space planning, correct fabric choice and resolving privacy issues.

Consultation with reputable window treatment businesses should involve discussions about concepts like fabric appearance in different light stages, design ideas, care of window treatments and options concerning window treatment hardware. In addition, an excellent window treatment company will provide customized window treatments to accommodate your vision regarding how you want a room to look following installation of the window treatment.

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