Finding The Right Window Covering For You

Window decorations and treatments such as blinds and curtains are a wonderful way to add new style to an existing room. In many cases, blinds and curtains can also be an effective way to increase the usability and efficiency of a room. As with any remodel or update, it’s important to consider your personal style as well as the specific needs of a space before making decisions about what to buy.

As windows are an important source of light for any home, it’s a good idea to evaluate what direction your windows face, and to make decisions about blinds based on that evaluation. Due to how the sun travels across the sky throughout the day, windows that face south are optimal for consistent, all-natural light in the home. If a home has south-facing windows, it’s a good idea to have window treatments that allow for light to come through but also have the option of blocking light if the need becomes necessary or desired.

Windows that face east and west, though they allow for natural light to enter the home, do come with a few issues that need to be addressed for comfort and energy efficiency. For example, as the sun rises in the east, windows that face east will have the most sunlight pouring through them in the early morning hours. This high volume of light means an increased temperature, and in the summer months, this often means that rooms with east facing windows that are not blinded properly will be the hottest and least comfortable in the house. If a home is air conditioned, this added heat will cause an increase in the amount of energy needed to cool the room. To fix this issue, many homeowners use blinds that capture warmth and diffuse the heat before it enters the airspace of the room.

Many homeowners do not realize that west-facing windows come with an increased incidence of harmful sunlight containing UV rays. Homeowners with a lot of windows that face west should take precautions to protect themselves and family members by picking a window treatment that comes with UV ray blocking protection.

Once you have determined the type of window treatments that will be best for the space you are redecorating, it’s time to consider your personal style. A new window treatment can completely change the look of a room, so it’s important to understand the existing style of the room, your desired style for the room, and how window treatments may complement those aspirations.

Other factors that many homeowners take into consideration when choosing window treatments are the ease of cleaning a particular blind or curtain, whether or not a blind or curtain is going to assist with sound blocking or absorption, and whether or not a blind or curtain is energy efficient.

Of course, cost is always a factor, and as with any project it is important to be realistic about your needs and also what is feasible on the budget you are working with.

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