Fun and Safe Window Treatments for Kids’ Rooms

Safety and functionality are the two primary aspects of window treatments for kids’ rooms that should be initially considered. Curtains or drapes in rooms designed for children 12 years need to be at least 16 inches above the floor so that the danger of tripping on the hem of the window treatment is eliminated.

In addition, long, dangling cords or rods often used to open blinds or curtains should be removed and replaced by a remote control device or opened manually. Prior to outfitting your child’s room with new window treatments, think about the age and height of your child and what dangers may possibly exist with a window treatment that is accessible to a toddler or young child.

If your child still requires a daytime nap, consider black-out shades, blinds or interior shutters to obstruct unwanted sunlight. Affordable and easy to install, these window treatments are safe and come in a variety of colors to blend with the room’s existing decor.

Basic roller shades can be uniquely decorated if you want the room to reflect a certain appearance. Simply paint, stencil or glue on the specific designs you wish to the shade to create a themed room. If your child is older, you can even let him or her create the design with a little help from you.

If you are hanging curtains, use a non-traditional curtain rod such as a tree branch, old fishing pole or even a small boat oar. Grommet top curtains work well with curtain rods that are not typical because the holes are enlarged and will accommodate unusual curtain rods.

Dress up sheers with colorful valances that enhance the room’s theme. Place tieback hooks for sheers high enough on the wall so that your child cannot reach the hooks.

Make the child’s room bright and inviting by contrasting the color of the window treatment with wall color. If you hang beige-colored curtains against beige-colored walls, the curtains will disappear into the walls and create a bland, monotonous appearance to the room.

If you are thinking about changing window treatments in all rooms including your child’s room, consider installing remote control blinds throughout the house. You will be able to raise or lower blinds in all rooms without needing to visit each room and your child will not be tempted to grab those cords and rods found attached to typical blinds.

Consider the type of fabric you choose for your child’s window treatments. You want something easy to wash, wrinkle resistant and durable so select fabrics like linen, faux silk or drapery material.

Finally, when replacing window treatments in your kids’ rooms, make sure windows are in good working order (no holes in screens, window is secure in frame, broken locks are repaired) and your child’s bed or crib is at least five feet away from any windows. Window guards are excellent devices to install when hanging curtains or blinds to prevent children from experiencing accidents with windows.

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