Great Cornice Board Ideas for Redecorating Any Room

Instead of decorating the top of your windows with fabric valances, why not try using cornice boards instead to add a uniquely decorative touch to the window treatment. Cornice boards are usually the same size as any valance but are made of wood that you can paint, pad or style any way you wish.

Here are ten fantastic ways to create beautiful cornices that beautifully enhance window treatments, rooms and the overall ambiance of your home:

  1. Scalloped cornice boards painted pink, pastel green or lavender will delightfully enhance a girl’s bedroom. Matching the color of the cornice board to the child’s bed headboard, baseboards or wallpaper can had an aesthetic cohesiveness to the room as well.
  2. When remodeling the master bathroom, consider replacing curtain valances with padded cornice boards covered in fabric that is the same color as the bathroom’s rugs, mats and towels.
  3. Create an elegantly coordinated look in your living room or den by installing cornice boards covered with the same fabric upholstering your furniture. Add a dramatic touch by edging cornice boards with exaggerated scrolls and whirls.
  4. Dark stained wood cornice boards will enhance an earthy, old-fashioned decor complete with wood paneled walls, drapery window treatments and deep plush furniture.
  5. Original painted designs or stenciled images of chickens, apples and wildflowers sprinkled over kitchen cornices covering cotton blend curtains can give your kitchen a whimsical, pure country appearance.
  6. Simple, rectangular cornice boards covered with wallpaper or painted one color makes for a professional looking addition to window treatments designed for offices or dens.
  7. Incorporate a shelf at the top of a cornice board to place knick-knacks, pictures or other interesting items.
  8. Arched cornices that rise several inches above the top of windows will help create an illusion of vertical depth to smaller rooms and add a quiet yet regal elegance to any room.
  9. Don’t forget you can place a cornice board above doorways the same way they are installed above windows.
  10. Custom-made, elaborately carved cornices that resemble pleated or draping fabric valances are stunningly impressive as decorative items that skillfully hide window treatment hardware such as rods, cords and pulleys.

In addition, cornices that are strategically placed over windows subjected to full sunlight throughout the day provide subtle form of shading that allows illumination to fill a room but also prevents too-bright sun from creating uncomfortably harsh glares.

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