Hard Shade Options: Choose a Hard Shade Style Right for You.

Choosing between shades can be difficult as there are numerous types of shades to pick from. This article assumes that you have your heart set on hard shades, although with choosing the right shade it’s never a done-deal until you can visualize the exact shades for each room.

Unique Window Treatments leads the way in window treatments professional services. Not only will we help pick the right shades for your situation, we will be there at every step of the way to ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation of your shades occurs. This brief article discusses the types of hard shades available.

Accordion shades
Single layer durable fabric shades, may also be called pleated shades, typically 1 inch in size, with crisp pleats that fold up like an accordion when raised to it tops position, giving it a zig-zag look when fully closed.
Cellular shades
also known as honeycomb shades, are flexible and accommodating of unusually shaped windows. These shades are ideal for home use as the honeycomb cells actually trap air, improving sound and thermal insulation. Honeycomb shades can be installed either vertically or horizontally, and come in an assortment of material weights, from sheer to complete light blockage.
Matchstick shades
toothpick-thin bamboos woven together in a horizontal fashion that are able to fold up in pleats or can be used like a standard shade if so desired. Similar to woven wood or grass shades, these shades are highly recommended for places where sun filtering is most important, rather than privacy (i.e. porch).
combination shades are basically vanes where fabric has been suspended in between the vanes, giving it a fabric treatment look when open. When closed these shades look like regular shades when closed, except that with the vanes rotated open, they still filter light and thus allow for more control of light than regular shades.
Mesh shades
comprised of synthetic materials weaved together at different densities and colors, usually offered as a roll up, although can be motorized.
Woven grass or wood shades
are visually pleasing blends of bamboo, wood, grasses and reeds that give any room a natural, warm ambiance Although more stacking space is needed than other types of shades and true privacy can only be achieved with an additional privacy backing, these shades are considered to be some of the most beautiful shades, especially with the banding options.
Solar shades
filter sunlight without sacrificing outside views. Keep in mind like with any shades that offer natural sunlight, privacy is not fully achieved unless used in conjunction with other window treatments. Many homeowners use drapes along with solar shades.
Roller shades
either fabric or vinyl, are the optimal choice for those homeowners seeking maximum design flexibility. Many decorative touches are possible with roller shades, such as fringe, lace and decorative pulls. Although ranging from sheer to total light blockage, roller shades provide less lighting control than other types of shades, mostly because each individual shade is a solid piece.
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