Horizontal Blinds v. Vertical Blinds

With just a pull of a cord or the twist of a wand, blinds provide you with immediate sunlight, privacy, or any other immediate advantages. The question that many times comes up is whether to choose horizontal blinds or vertical blinds.

After all, most blinds can complement and fit any interior due to the wide range of finishes, colors, stains, materials, decorative accessories, and even cord weights or lengths. The trick is to figure out whether horizontal or vertical is a better fit for your property.

Both horizontal and vertical blinds are neat, orderly and compact; comprised of a rail system, slats, vanes or louvers at the minimum. Since it can be difficult to figure out which style may be the right choice when picking blinds, Unique Window Treatments thought it beneficial to compare some horizontal blinds and vertical blinds attributes.

Horizonatal Blinds

  • Can control light direction more precisely & effortlessly
  • Compatible with any type of soft treatment
  • Easily motorized in a variety of ways
  • Fast turnaround
  • Privacy compromised if route holes exist
  • Safer for children and pets
  • Accumulates dust easily
  • Ideal for any home windows, although some materials not suited for certain rooms

Vertical Blinds

  • Can cover large expanses of glass while augmenting the height of the room
  • Allows better air circulation for the room
  • Easily motorized in a variety of ways
  • Fast turnaround
  • Cheaper blinds cause clanking and tangling
  • Less safe for children and pets
  • Accumulates precipitation easily
  • Ideal for offices or areas with great stretches of glass or tall casement windows

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