How to Install Remote Controlled Shades

Entertainment, lighting and security systems can all be remote controlled so why not window shades? If you find it inconvenient to constantly lower or raise your window blinds at certain times of the day after you have settled into your favorite chair, then installing and utilizing remote control window treatments is something that can not only benefit your ability to relax at home but will also enhance your life in many other ways. For example, with remote control shades you will be able to:

  • • Adjust shades covering windows that are hard to reach like those situated behind bathtubs or kitchen counters
  • • Provide instant privacy when needed
  • • Eliminate cords, wiring or the need for an electrical outlet by using a battery-powered motor
  • • Enhance a room’s decor with the ultra-modern appearance of motorized window treatments
  • • Save on energy by adjusting the amount of sunlight streaming into a room
  • • Reduces wear and tear on shades and blinds by eliminating the need to tug manually on the window treatments
  • • Choose from an interesting variety of sizes and colors, including total “blackout” shades that are great for those who do shift work and need to sleep during the day

Motorized shades operate using a built-in radio or infrared receiver. With this type of remote, homeowners can “tell” shades to stop at any place on a window without even needing to point the remote directly at the window. For example, if you are sitting comfortably in a chair watching television and the setting sun starts streaming in behind you, simply pressing the button on the remote will lower the shade to stop the glare and allow you to continue relaxing. There is no need to get up or twist around in your chair. In addition, remotes can be programmed to simultaneously operate several windows in a room.

Ordering and Installing Motorized Window Treatments

Initially, you will have to choose between inside mounts or outside mounts. Inside mounts are installed inside the window and outside mounts are installed on the trim or on your wall. While inside mounts look less obtrusive, you need to be sure that your window frame provides enough depth, at least two and 3/4 inches, in order for the mount to fit properly. If you have a shallow opening, opt for an outside mount.

Next, use a measuring tape to take accurate measurements of the windows on which you want to install motorized shades. Remember to round measurements to the closest 1/8 of an inch to allow a little extra room. Also, don’t be alarmed if you discover your home’s windows are not exactly square. The most important thing is to obtain correct measurements so installation is not delayed.

When measuring for the width of an inside mount, measure the bottom, middle and top of the window and write down the narrowest measurement you receive from each window. Alternatively, use the tallest measurement you obtain when measuring the height of the window.

For outside mounts, write down the exact height and width you need for your window shades. Don’t forget to provide extra room when measuring for placement of mounting brackets, which are generally about two and a half inches tall. If you want more privacy than is provided by traditional measurements, just add another three inches to the sides, bottom and top of the window’s measurements.

A complete guide to installation of remote control window treatments is always included in the total package you order, with all companies providing technical support in the event you encounter problems installing your motorized window shades.

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