Hunter Douglas Window Fashions

When it comes to superior, high-quality window fashions, Hunter Douglas window fashions are in the top in their class. Offering a variety of styles and specifications to fit nearly any window need, Hunter Douglas window fashions can be customized to a homeowner’s specific requirements.

Because Hunter Douglas knows that window treatments are not an area of expertise for many people, they have resident design trend experts to consult with clients about the latest in styles as well as the considerations one should take when choosing a window treatment.

In every room of every home, windows exist in varying shapes and sizes, and they face various directions. Further, for every room in every home, a different use or function exists within the family unit of people living within the home. A playroom will pose different window challenges than a kitchen, and a westward facing window will have different lighting issues than an eastward facing one. Hunter Douglas is aware of these differences, and takes great care to make sure that their products are as wide and varying as the problems they solve.

For example, depending on the direction a window faces and the use of a particular room, there may be a need to block harmful UV rays from entering the room. UV rays are not only dangerous when exposed to the people living in a home, but they can also lead to sun damage in furniture and heat in the living space. Unneeded, unwanted, or excessive heat in a space will lead to decreased comfort or functionality of the space, or it will lead to increased energy use to cool the space. Aware of this, Hunter Douglas created a blind that absorbs these harmful rays.

Further, in a space like a kitchen, specific needs as far as temperature and humidity control may be necessary. Kitchens have heat and humidity within them; so open windows are often a desire for homeowners in a kitchen. However, many homeowners would like to maintain privacy while still promoting airflow in a space. Hunter Douglas designed a blind just for this purpose, which encourages the flow of breeze in the room.

Hunter Douglas is dedicated to continuous development of new and innovative window treatments that will continue to give clients the best value, the most efficiency, and superior performance. Hunter Douglas is also dedicated to safety, and goes to great lengths to ensure that all of their products are as safe as possible for children.

Hunter Douglas comes with a lifetime guarantee, and all Hunter Douglas window fashions are manufactured to be stylish and also to be superior in quality. From design to style to implementation, the creators behind Hunter Douglas window fashions have considered it all.

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