Window Treatment Glossary

Not sure what a continuous cord or dust shield is? Completely baffled by top-down versus bottom-up? Bookmark this page and return for a quick reference whenever you find yourself confused about the many products we provide.

Arch, quarter circle and circle-shaped window openings.
Silhouette Bon Soir™ is a light dimming option that provides light control and privacy by reducing the transmission of direct sunlight.
Continuous Cord
Uses continuous cord loop and clutch assembly to easily raise and lower shades. There is never a dangling cord on the floor.
Decorative Tapes
Decorative Tape will accent your wood blind – The perfect touch to add to your decor.
Hidden cord holes for better light – blocking action.
Two fabric panels are used: one between the top rail and center rail and one between the center rail and bottom rail. Each panel has its own set of lift cords.
Dust Shield
This special anti-static treatment helps prevent dust build-up on horizontal slats.
For more light control and privacy than ever before, choose Luminette® Evening Star™. It’s the ideal choice for bedrooms and media rooms, or anywhere room-darkening is desired. When the vanes of Luminette Evening Star are open, light filters softly through the sheer fabric, just like original Luminette. But when the room darkening vanes are closed, over 99% of the outside light is blocked!
Fabric – Covered Headrail
Shade headrail is covered with matching fabric.
Faux Wood
Alternative wood composite. These blinds will not fade, warp or crack in high humidity or high temperature areas. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
LiftMasterWith LiftMaster™
there are never any messy cords on the floor, even when your blinds are fully raised. Blinds can be accurately and easily adjusted to any height by pulling the control cord at the side of the blind. Simply stop pulling the control cord and the blind holds its new position automatically. To adjust the tilt of the blind, gently pull on either side of the cord. LiftMaster technology ensures that the blinds stays absolutely level at any height and takes the guesswork out of positioning your blinds.
Lite Rise™
No lift cords or cord loops; hidden control system enables shades to be easily raised or lowered with the touch of a finger. MotorizedElectric-Hard Wired motorized options offer great installation versatility, with virtually no limitations on operating distance. Available with remote control and wall switch operation.
From the satellite eye to the hand-held remote control, Luminette® with PowerGlide® is the simplest way to bring beauty and power together with added ease and safety in one extraordinary window fashion. A hand-held remote control traverses the sheers and rotates the vanes. The transformer plugs into a standard 110V outlet and connects to the control unit.
This ever-popular, battery operated remote control system now is available with a timer. Which means you can program your blinds to stop anywhere between the open and closed positions, any time during the day or night. The system completely eliminates lift cords, removing the temptation for kids to reach out and grab them. There’s also a built-in safety stop that automatically halts the shade if anything enters its path. PowerRise® is available on Duette® honeycomb shades, Silhouette® window shadings and our Brilliance® pleated shades.
Remote Control Tilt
The new PowerTilt™ motorized system easily tilts slats open and closed by remote control. This system is battery operated, so it requires no complicated wiring. Traditional Alkaline or longer-life Lithium batteries (recommended) can be used for operation. Infrared receiver eye position is adjustable for optimum placement around soft treatments and in inconspicuous places. Sleek hand held remote operates up to three blinds individually from up to 50 feet away.
Skylight Shades
Shades installed on either leveled or sloped skylight windows. Also applicable to Greenhouses.
Specialty Shapes
Fits hexagon, octagon or trapezoid shaped window openings, as well as sloped (either top or bottom sloping) window openings.
Top Down – Bottom Up
Shade opens either from the top to the bottom or from the bottom to the top.
Shade opens from the top to the bottom (stacks on bottom).
Track System
Track systems use a top track and optional bottom track on which the shutter panels glide to open and close. Track systems are most commonly used in extra wide windows such as patio doors.
Ultra Glide™
Retractable pull cord, maintains constant cord length. Shade lowers it self with one hand operation.
Cellular shade that opens and closes from side to side; ideal for sliding glass doors, wide windows and French doors. ** Four fabric stacking options: 1) left stack, 2) right stack, 3) split stack (center opening) 4) center stack.Vinyl (Shutters)Fits hexagon, octagon or trapezoid shaped window openings, as well as sloped (either top or bottom sloping) window openings.
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