Lighting Control

Would you like complete control over your homes’ atmosphere with the push of a button? How about conserving energy at the same time? With today’s advanced technology and lighting control systems it’s easy to have it all while simplifying your life.

Lighting control systems in NJ and NY allow you to adjust both natural and man-made light in your space to create the perfect atmosphere time and time again. Unlike standard dimmers and light switches (NYC), lighting control systems are connected either through wires or wirelessly to a central commend center. In most cases there is a main keypad in each room that will command each lighting zone. This helps in reducing wall clutter as well as allowing homeowners to accent their home design with different architectural and design finishes for their wall plates.

Integrated light control systems usually offer a master keypad next to the main door to control the entire house or office. This master keypad might include a “Welcome Home” mode, which will illuminate the pathway and entrance to your home as well as the hallways leading to your room of choice. This master keypad should also have an “Away” button that will shut off all the lights and roll down the window shades on your way out the door.

Imagine the possibilities: You are entertaining guests and standing in the kitchen area, chatting while having some wine. You press the “Entertain” button on the kitchen keypad. The overhead lights dim and the backsplash lights engage to create a soft and diffused lighting mood.



Then you move to the dining room. Once again you hit the “Entertain” button on the dining room keypad. The NYC motorized curtains draw closed, providing a sense of privacy while overhead lights dim and the chandelier light creates a warm hospitable feeling. After diner you move into the den to watch a movie. As you and your guests make yourselves comfortable on the couch, you hit the “Movie” button on the wireless table-top keypad; the automated window shades (NJ) roll down. The front lights turn off, and the rear lights dim softly to create an optimal viewing environment.

Once the feature is complete, your well-impressed guests depart. As bedtime approaches, you press the “Good Night” on a the keypad and all the lights go down—save the hallways and bathrooms to give late-night snackers a safe path to the kitchen come midnight.

In addition to the features above, certain lighting control systems such as Home Works by Lutron will record your weekly lighting activities. Simply play back this recording while you’re on vacation for added security.

While Home Works by Lutron is more appropriate for houses and offices with a large space, Radio RA by Lutron is the product of choice for city apartments and condos. Radio RA is 90% wireless and can be retrofit for any existing lighting design and electric scheme, making it ideal for those of us who want to avoid running wires through their existing walls.

Lighting control and lighting design systems are also ideal for office and commercial spaces, where gaining control over the level of light throughout the day can be highly desired. Installing a lighting control system in your office allows you to integrate the man-made light controllers with automated NYC motorized window shades and blinds which regulate the natural sunlight. Integrating both light sources allows you to maintain a consistent level of light throughout the day for a healthier and more pleasant working environment while reducing energy consumption.

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