Materials for Window Shutters

As with most home improvement elements, the type of material that shutters for windows are fabricated from varies depending on the needs, style, and preferences of the homeowner. A wide range of choices exists, and it’s always a good idea to have an understanding of the options available to you prior to making a decision as part of your home improvement project.

Basswood is an extremely popular choice for window shutters due to its uniform grain, which produces excellent results when stained. The material is robust while also being lightweight, which is a winning quality in window shutters, which are affixed to the exterior of a home.

Cedar is also a popular choice among homeowners desiring the look of wooden shutters for their home. Cedar is easy to stain and is also easy to oil. Cedar is an especially attractive option for larger window openings where the size of the shutters will be substantial, because it is extremely lightweight. However, in that cedar is a very soft wood, it does scratch easily. Therefore, homeowners who wish to use cedar for shudders need to either be okay with a scratched look or need to take great care to not scratch the surface of the shutter.

For those homeowners who do not have a strong preference towards wooden shutters, vinyl is an excellent option. Vinyl actually tends to be slightly more expensive upfront than its wooden counterparts, yet still the benefit to vinyl in the long term is that the concern for warping is significantly decreased. Vinyl shutters to tend to be less sturdy than wooden shutters, however.

The least durable of window shutter designs available on the market are those made of plastic. However, as a solution to a high-moisture area such as a kitchen or bathroom, plastic can be an excellent choice. In addition to being resilient to moisture, plastic also withstands excessive heat much better than wood does, so if the window is to be exposed readily to high-heat conditions, plastic may be an excellent choice.

In any home improvement project, it’s important to consider your personal needs as well as the conditions in the space that is being changed. If you live in a high-moisture, high-heat area, wood may not be the right option. However, if you want long-lasting durability, plastic or vinyl may not be the best option. Every home and every homeowner has individual needs, style preferences, and constraints that affect the realistic long-term success of a home improvement project.

When considering what material would be best for the shutters for your home, it’s important to consider factors such as the durability required or desired, the look you desire from the shutters, as well as the possibility in your climate for warping or burning.

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