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Excel 2013 is a powerful book and database application included with Office 2013. This is classic software that makes numerical operations, graphs, and financial projections smoother and easier to use. This is a classic option for other spreadsheets, known as Google spreadsheets or numbers, if you use more than one Mac.

A very reliable and durable tool. Exxcel has always beena very important application, strong, you know how to use it. Microsoft specifically offers a management that is easy to use for Excel 2013. When users enter data, Excel 2013 analyzes it and gives tips for best presentation. If the information is complete enough, it will even be parsed and an option to create a dynamic spreadsheet ({review-application-page-desktop} function;}) will be displayed; There is also a new feature called “Flash Fill” that helpsto enter the wrong data into something that is understandable. This information is sorted in the column that best suits you. So much work to manually manage your data is that Flash Fill can play a heavy role for those who use Excel 2013.

A big improvement in Excel 2013 is how it tastes organic. There is a small animation that helps make the program less clinically appealing. Animation does not distract and helps focus onto direct what Excel does.

However, maintaining a more intelligent and easier-to-use ribbon interface has been modified to be more useful. These symbols have different colors and are grouped; Excel 2013 introduces a new feature that lets you create photos of web services connected to your Microsoft account. Automatically configure Excel 2013 because it extracts information from Excel 2013, even though it has a number of intimidating features.It has become smarter and simplifies work with data. Microsoft does a very good job. Both Excel 2013 and Excel, which use Excel every day, should consider this a recommended option.


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