Motorized Window Treatments

Do your windows need daily adjustment? Are they large and hard to reach? How would you like to enjoy the comfort and security of today’s technology to tackle all of these issues at once?

Well, in NY, NJ and CT motorized shades, blinds, and drapes are perfect solutions for you. Imagine just grabbing your keys and adjusting all of your window treatments in a flash as you walk out of the house!

Motorized window treatments are typically connected to an electric power source that feeds a motor. The motor raises and lowers your shades or tilts the louvers on your blinds. Your unique configuration and the level of control you seek will determine the type of wiring required.

Wouldn’t it be great if you came home after a hard day and simply hit a button to move all of your window treatments? With today’s technology you can now operate treatments individually, in groups, or simultaneously.

Automated and electric blinds, shades, and drapes remove the hassle of having to worry about leveling your window treatments or undoing entangled cords—even on Venetian blinds. In fact, you can even set a timer to adjust your automated treatments according to your schedule and life style.

motorized-1 motorized-2

Motorized blinds, shades and drapes can be controlled either via a switch on the wall or through a remote control. For those who seek the wireless option, there are mainly two technologies available; Infra Red (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF)—though the latter is a far superior technology.

Motorized shades, blinds and drapes can also be connected to home automation or lighting control systems which will allow you to achieve greater control and results from your system and make your life more comfortable. To learn more about these systems, click on the links above.

For those who want remote controlled shades or blinds without running electric power to your windows, there is an alternative: battery operated shades and blinds, also known as Power Rise. Battery powered shades offer some of the advantages and conveniences of electric blinds and shades, but can be quite limited in their performance. Battery operated shades can only have up to 4 groups of shades per transmitter and are usually restricted in size (based on the weight of the treatment). In addition, battery life is limited to 3-4 months for systems with Double A batteries and 2-3 years for systems with Lithium batteries. This means that, in the long run, wired shades are more reliable and cost-effective.

At Unique Window Treatments we put our vast knowledge of electric powered and remote controlled motorized shades, blinds and drapes to work for you making everything as simple as possible. We work with the leading suppliers in the industry, from Lutron and BTX to Somfy and Hunter Douglas and excel at both selection and installation. This makes us uniquely able to provide diverse solutions to challenging situations.


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