Our Unique Process

Once you contact us for a free consultation, our unique specialists will do anything and everything to make your life easier by creating an optimal environment to create your perfect window treatment setting. We bring all the necessary samples, swatches, and years of experience to you so all you need to do is imagine the wonderful new possibilities without the stress. All of our stylists are knowledgeable, respectful, and creative artisans, offering a preferable and personal alternative to the sterile environment found in your local superstore.


We begin each consultation by taking a professional measurement of your windows. It’s important to know the exact dimensions before we can even begin to talk about style. Once we’ve determined the right product for you, our design expert will help you determine the perfect placement for your treatments to enhance your current design and use your natural and artificial light to create the perfect setting. Please note that different products measure differently, so a professional measurement ensures that unwanted light won’t be creeping in at sunrise. Once your windows are measured, we begin our finely honed selection process to create the perfect ambiance for your life.



Unique offers a better way to look at window treatments—a more personal way. So, once we’ve measured your windows we begin crafting the ambiance based on what’s right for your home and personality.

Every person has a distinctive taste and we pride ourselves in bringing out what’s unique in everyone. Are you a renaissance person with a classic soul or do you prefer the sleek electronic functionality that motorized light control systems can give you? Do you live in an urbane refinement or crave the warm creature comforts of the rustic country home? While some of our clients know exactly what they want, most of them only know what they love until they see it. This is what makes shopping for window fashions so difficult: without someone to help, the options become mind-boggling—especially if you’re trudging through another anonymous super store. Further, viewing window fashions out of context is like buying a Prada pantsuit without ever trying it on. This is why most people “settle” for window fashions without flair and style.

But what if you never had to “settle” again? Let our Window Fashion Stylists educate you about the options that will work best for your unique space and taste. Your choices can be soulful or pragmatic, whimsical or energy efficient. It all depends on who you are.

So, while your friends are stuck in line at Home Depot, our window treatment stylists will be exploring your personality as they dazzle you with only the most vibrant color swatches and high end product lines. Don’t settle for the norm when our stylists can transform your life.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and discover your dream design.


Once we receive your perfect treatments, we will schedule your installation. Our certified professional installers will deliver your treatments along with all the necessary tools to make this happen both professionally and with minimal interruptions to your life. Even our most complex lighting systems can be installed with a minimum of cutting and prep work to ensure your home life and privacy is preserved. Whether your windows are 6 feet or 16 feet high, our seasoned installation team will make sure the project is completed and your every question answered until you are fully satisfied.

Below is a wonderful step-by-step example of our installation process:

  1. The first step is placing that very first bracket
  2. Next comes the Roman Shade
  3. Then we determine the perfect place for your over treatments
  4. And we install the hardware for your over treatments
  5. The over treatments are in place
  6. A few inches to the left!
  7. Steaming out the wrinkles
  8. And voila: pure beauty
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