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Paint NET Paint NET download free torrent

Paint NET

If you need more than just Microsoft Paint, but it’s not as hard as Photoshop is so hard.

Rotate the image in oil (function {} ({review-app-page-desktop}};});

The image editor offers a wide range of tools and tools that are well-designed.

It works in several photos at the same time, with the help of layers, it allows you to save the history of all your changes in your photos. In this way, easily undo and draw different tools (for example, brushes and geometry).

In addition,You will find plenty of special filters and effects, by clicking on your photo by clicking on an oil paint or pencil drawing.

Simple and understandable

There is a simple interface that makes the program live. Choose the right option to properly organize the menu.

Wide functions

Image editing is a free, easy-to-use image set with an optimized image retouching tool. Due to its simplicity and wide range of functions, the program is suitable for ordinary users, and a more difficult editionfor those who need it.

This update resolves the View command shortcuts shortcut – Actual Size.

Solve: Ctrl + Shift + A now works again as a shortcut View – Original size (broken)

fixed: Ctrl + 0 is still visible: the actual size, although 10 or more images are open (broken, it changes in tenth). Changes this update will solve shortcut shortcut keys in the view – “Real Size” command.

Fixed: Ctrl+ Shift + A now again works as a shortcut View – True size (corrupt)

Adapted: Ctrl + 0 is still visible – True Size, even if 10 or more photos are open (broken, 10.

Paint NET

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