Phenomenal Ideas for Window Treatments

Windows are like blank canvases waiting to be painted with window treatments rather than paint, of course. Highlighting your home’s windows with applicable and beautiful window treatments directly influences the ambiance of your home, creating an interior landscape reflecting traditional, contemporary, eclectic or even Victorian design schemes.


Draperies not only appear elegant and chic but also add a practical element to your window treatment design by reducing energy costs. Unlined or lined, drapes are made of heavier fabrics like satin, velvet, damask, chenille, velvet, tapestry and moiré. Hung on traverse rods for easy opening and closing, some drapes contain pleats in such styles as reverse, goblet, pinch, barrel and pencil pleats.

Pinched pleats provide sophistication and elegance to windows by exhibiting evenly spaced pleats and tops accented with uniformly crisp folds. Drapes hung using circular brass or silver grommets display decorative rods that enhance the style of the window treatment and external room decor as well.

Ruffled pocket drapes are both romantic and stylish, accenting a room by placing rod sleeves near drapery tops that accommodate café rods or other elegant rod. A small ruffle above the rod sleeve provides a cosmopolitan flare that adds dimension to any room by attracting attention to the upper part of the window treatment.

Curtain Panels

Beautiful curtains trailing from classically elegant gold rods instantly transform plain rooms into areas of stunning spaciousness. With rooms containing multiple windows, you can emphasize the architecture by separating windows panes using narrow, delicate curtain panels. Or, for bay windows that extend into a room, place the curtain rod on the wall behind the bay window to create a whimsical appearance.

As window treatments, curtains are adaptable to a variety of arrangements. For example, curtains can hang in a charmingly simple manner or they can be tied back using decorative ropes or fabric sashes. With material such as lace, voile, chintz, organza, cotton and gingham from which to choose, you have the ability to create window treatments that delightfully accentuate any type of room decor, whether it is contemporary, classic country or cottage style.

Roller Shades

One of the newest trends in window treatments is the roller shade. Its appealing retro style has many interior designers excited about its decorative possibilities involving bold patterns, ornamental hems and charmingly delicate pulls. Choose from many, in-vogue styles of roller shades, such as shades with angle tops, stationary arches, hobbled shades, old style and even motorized. Constructed from natural or sheer fabrics in many exciting colors, roller shades are no longer plain and functional but dynamic and trendy.


Interior shutters transform rooms into warm, inviting retreats with their effective ability to control privacy and light. Constructed of beautiful oak, poplar, pine, maple or cedar wood, interior shutters are timeless window treatments requiring little maintenance and lasting for years. Styles of shutters include traditional, plantation, Victorian and cafe, with all providing effortless opening and closing options using an operable louver system.

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