Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have long been a favorite for homeowners who wish to create a cool, breezy, and well-ventilated space. Plantation shutters are especially suitable for warm climates or hot summers because when open, they allow for air to circulate freely. They’re also perfect for the summer months because when closed, plantation shutters block out light better than almost any other window treatment, keeping the heat from the sun out of a room.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to plantation shutters. Many homeowners opt for wooden varieties due to their strength in durability and their overall appearance. However, wood may not be suitable for areas with intense changes in temperature or very extreme weather conditions. Wood is also the more expensive option, and many homeowners instead opt for vinyl.

Because basswood takes paint well, basswood plantation shutters come in virtually any color, making them extremely attractive to many homeowners. Basswood is a wood that is resistant to warping, and therefore it’s a great option for shutters. However, resistant to warping does not mean that basswood is weather resistant, so for homes located in extreme weather zones, basswood shutters may not be a great option. They don’t tend to stand the test of time and are vulnerable to wear and tear and fading. Basswood is also on the more expensive end of plantation shutter options.

Hardwood plantation shutters have always been a top choice for homeowners due to their appearance and their durability. Cedar, poplar, and alder are hardwoods that are typically used to furnish hardwood plantation shutters. Hardwood shutters are fine-grained and due to their finish, they have a great aesthetic to them. Hardwood plantation shutters are on the higher end of the plantation shutter price spectrum, though, so budget is a major issue, another type of shutter may be considered instead.

For a more affordable option, many homeowners are opting for vinyl plantation shutters. In fact, vinyl plantation shutters grew out of a market demand for more affordable plantation shutter options. Because they are made of vinyl, vinyl plantation shutters are extremely durable. They are not affected by drastic changes in temperature, because vinyl does not expand or shrink in heat and cold. Further, vinyl is very weather resistant and therefore vinyl plantation shutters do not easily show the effects of wear and tear, cracking, or fading. Many homeowners report no difference in functionality between vinyl plantation shutters and their wooden counterparts, making this more affordable option very attractive to many. Of course, vinyl is vinyl, though, and the appearance of vinyl may not be suitable for someone who had their heart set on the aesthetic feel of wooden shutters.

Whether basswood, hardwood, or vinyl, plantation shutters can do a lot for a space by blocking out light when closed and promotion great ventilation when open. For this reason, plantation shutters are especially suitable for warm climates or areas with hot summers.

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