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When you live on a high floor in Manhattan that has 70 plus feet of windows facing East, West, and North light control can be serious issue.  You have breathtaking views and lots of great natural light but also privacy concerns and times when you need to shut out the sun. That is when you call the professionals at Unique Window Treatments.

Window Treatment Project Details

This project features full-custom motorized shades and twin-shades.  We installed a hardwired Lutron automation system with wall-mounted controls and a central panel from which  all zones are controlled.  The controls included a custom ‘Stop’ button for guests who may be unfamiliar with operating the shades.

The main living space of this property features an open layout and five distinct zones; the entry, the main living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the den.  On sunny days the amount of light that windows can let is is absolutely amazing.  The night time view is just as spectacular and it was important to maintain the view.  Our goal in this project was to give the client the best of both worlds, the view and total control light control by zone.

Light Control Solutions

In our initial consultation with the client, we discovered that the den area is where the family primarily watched television, to prevent glare and round the clock viewing, black-out shades were installed in this area.

Additionally, the client requested a maximum level of light control in the master bedroom.  In the dining area and main living room, ambient light was desired to offset the need for interior lighting and also to highlight fine art and statues.

Our solution for the Bedroom and Den was to install double shade system featuring black-out shades and tan sheers. In all other sections sheer shades were installed.  Combination of different shades by zone, allowed for the view to be maintained even with the sheers down and absolute light control as needed.

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