Questions to Ask if Considering Window Treatments

So you have decided that that you have had enough of those bare windows and are ready to purchase window treatments for your home, that’s great!

Regardless what made you consider window treatments for your windows: aesthetics, sun protection, sound absorption, privacy, etc., a few preliminary questions should be answered prior to making any interior decorating decisions with respect to your window coverings.

The following list of non-exhaustive questions is provided as a courtesy from Unique Window Treatments to anyone thinking about buying window treatments for their home or room:

  1. What do you dislike about your existing windows?
  2. Are there any window coverings that currently exist on your windows? If so, are they being removed? Can they be easily removed?
  3. Where is the location of your window(s)?
  4. What are the measurements of your windows?
  5. Do you have unique windows? Are they non-traditional, non-standard or mismatched?
  6. What is your budget?
  7. What is the usage of each window? How many times a day do you open each window?
  8. Do you have safety issues? Pets? Children? Elderly?
  9. Is this room noisy or quiet? Does it matter?
  10. What are the lighting needs for this room? Dark? Natural Light?
  11. Do you want to motorize your window coverings?
  12. How long do you plan to have these window treatments?
  13. Are you concerned about humidity or moisture?
  14. Are you going environmentally friendly or concerned about energy conversation?
  15. How quickly do you need your window treatments installed?
  16. Are you planning to install your own window treatments? If so, are you open to professional help?
  17. Are there any elements of a room or window that you want to emphasize?
  18. Are there any conflicting goals you have? (i.e. Privacy vs. Natural Sunlight)
  19. Are there any obstructions that may interfere in the installation of your window treatments?
  20. Is your home or room shaped in such a way that it may affect your window treatments? (i.e. low ceilings)
  21. What type of textures, patterns, and colors are you interested in?
  22. Are you concerned about odor, stain or soil protection?
  23. Are there any pets or children that may damage your window treatments?
  24. Will the sunlight be directly on your window treatments potentially causing fading if the wrong color is chosen?
  25. Do you burn wood or smoke in your home?

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