Redesign your Bathroom with Window Treatments

Are you tired of looking at the same window treatments currently hanging in your bathroom that have been dragging down the appearance of your bathroom for the past five, six, maybe even ten years? With a little pre-planning and visionary decision-making, you could transform your bathroom into a relaxing and beautiful sanctuary worthy of any professional interior designer’s repertoire. Choosing the right window treatment will soften those somewhat hard and concentrated surfaces comprising a bathroom as well create the type of ambiance you have always wanted.

Bathroom Window Treatment Choices

If you want stylish privacy and exceptional control of lighting, you might consider installing shutters or blinds in your bathroom. Blinds create a clean and simple appearance in bathrooms containing minimalistic decor. For color enhancement, select slats in pastel hues or fabric tapes that also provide quietly dazzling conceptual elements to your bathroom.

Cellular shades are functional as well as aesthetic, featuring honeycomb tubes between insulating panels intended to trap cold or hot air. These shade types are an excellent window treatment for larger bathroom windows situated above bathtubs due to their ability to maintain water heat as you soak in a relaxing bubble bath.

Fabric shades represent another functional yet charming window treatment providing control of illumination as well as maximum privacy. Roller shades are also made from polyester fabrics resistant to moisture and mildew and available in a delightful variety of patterns, prints and colors to enhance any renovation design scheme.

For a traditional or country-style appearance brightening your bathroom, think about installing shutters constructed of faux wood or treated wood that never warps, cracks or distorts in any level of humidity. Enhance shutters with decorative bathroom curtains if desired or add a quaint touch with ruffled valances and ornamental curtain rods.

For a breezy, delicate look, sheers provide the ultimate in lightweight bathroom window treatments, translucent yet providing a certain amount of privacy appropriate for more concealed bathroom windows. Sheers soften natural light streaming into bathrooms, transforming the sun’s rays into an ethereal, subdued kind of illumination that gently accents decor items. In addition, fabrics used in making sheers dry quickly and require little maintenance.

Cafe or “tier” curtains not only look charming in kitchens but also in bathrooms. By covering the lower half of a window, cafe curtains allow plenty of sunlight in while maintaining optimal privacy in the any bathroom. Placing a valance at the top of the window enhances the charming quality of cafe curtains as well. When hung from decorative loops or rings, tier curtains provide smaller bathrooms with an airy, almost spontaneous ambiance giving the illusion of space and dimension.

When creating design plans for your bathroom window treatments, don’t forget to include other decorative items such as fluffy rugs and towels, strategically placed mirrors and ceramic soap dishes to fashion a bathroom that will awe guests and delight your family.

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