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Can you remember the first night in your new home? Your son’s first steps? Your daughter posing for the camera dressed in her cap and gown? As you look back, do you want these moments pale and washed out by boring blinds and unbalanced lighting?

Why not make the picture perfect? Think of the moments most special to you and Unique will design the perfect setting with our premier window fashions and the power of light control. Bring subtle texture to your minimalist design with wood woven shades in your living room or see out while no one sees into your bedroom with Luminette privacy sheers. Shape light with the simplicity of deluxe pleated shades or relax like royalty by integrating plush draperies into the hardwood shutter designs in your den. Today’s technology even allows you to dim the lights and close your skylight blinds with the push of a button.

living-room-window-treatmentsLiving Room Window Treatments

Imagine a small party that begins with hor d’oevres at sunset. You angle your soft blinds perfectly to catch twilight at its most luminous—its most precious. The ethereal atmosphere blows your guests away, but you have even more in store for them.

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dining-room-window-treatmentsDining Room Window Treatments

You’ve set the table for dinner and arranged the flowers just so. The sun begins to set when you notice a harsh glare from your stock, paper-thin window treatments breaking across your table, accompanied by the annoying sounds of the moving traffic outside.

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bedroom-window-treatmentsBedroom Window Treatments

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, the place where you retreat after a stressful day at work or relax with your partner on lazy Sunday mornings.

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kitchen-window-treatmentsKitchen Window Treatments

The kitchen is truly your home’s hearth. This is where you gather in the evenings after work and school to reconnect. It’s where you lazily share Sunday brunch and read the funnies.

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bathroom-window-treatmentsBathroom Window Treatments

You’ve just settled into your claw foot tub. Ahh. You deserve this moment. The day’s worries—from the frantic afternoon at work to the evening spent cooking and doing laundry—fall away from you with each deep breath you take. You stare out of the privacy sheers Unique has installed for you without worrying about who might walk by. You’ve earned this moment.

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office-window-treatmentsOffice Window Treatments

Imagine that you’re on a tight deadline before the close of business when afternoon light from a western-facing window completely floods your desk. Your concentration is shot but your deadline is still hanging over you.

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den-window-treatmentsDen Window Treatments

You’ve finished washing the dishes and your daughter has completed her homework. You wander downstairs together into the den, dim the lights, and lower your woven wood shades to escape into your favorite film.

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