Bathroom Window Treatments

You’ve just settled into your claw foot tub. Ahh. You deserve this moment. The day’s worries—from the frantic afternoon at work to the evening spent cooking and doing laundry—fall away from you with each deep breath you take. You stare out of the privacy sheers Unique has installed for you without worrying about who might walk by. You’ve earned this moment.

But Bathroom window treatments aren’t just about function, although privacy is the first thing most of us think about. True, we all crave privacy when we’re at our most vulnerable, but its how it makes you feel that matters. From billowy sheers over cellular shades to soft fold Roman shades in bold colors, the design and feel of your bathroom window treatments are just as essential as their ability to angle, diffuse or block light. Choose a design that makes you feel pampered. Special.

But not all bathrooms serve the same function and thus have different needs. A guest bathroom or partial bath has a much different function than a private bath. Like window treatments in a living room or dining room, this is a room more likely to be used by guests. So let Unique help you choose treatments that provide privacy but also showcase your own distinct personality with a subtle, but formal touch.

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