Den Window Treatments

You’ve finished washing the dishes and your daughter has completed her homework. You wander downstairs together into the den, dim the lights, and lower your woven wood shades to escape into your favorite film. The room is completely private, completely protected from the outside world. No glare from streetlights or harsh headlights from passing cars. The movie begins and you’re drawn in together. So privately. So perfectly. This is what it’s all about. All your hard work. All the rushing around. These quiet moments together.

Safety and comfort define a family’s den. Whether you want to create a comforting haven to watch DVDs together in the evenings or a cozy sun-drenched place to play board games and read quietly, your custom window treatments are fundamental to creating the perfect den. Let Unique create a rustic country nest or a soothing urban Zen retreat for you. We’re happy to integrate custom blinds and shades in combination with a variety of top treatments and decorative touches that please the eye and warm the heart.

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