Dining Room Window Treatments

You’ve set the table for dinner and arranged the flowers just so. The sun begins to set when you notice a harsh glare from your stock, paper-thin window treatments breaking across your table, accompanied by the annoying sounds of the moving traffic outside. In most cases, bad window treatments can destroy your home design along with your most private moments. Don’t let them ask “What were they thinking?” after your next home gathering. Use Unique to bring your dining room to life.

For those who take pride in their culinary skills, the dining room is where your meal is showcased. A customized Unique design can repair this moment with a few twists of a wand on your Luminette shades. For a more emotional setting you might even close your sumptuous drapes that make your house a home.

Personalize your gatherings with decorative touches like side panel curtains over sleek blinds or elaborate cornices and tufted tassels. Make your guests truly feel welcomed into the heart-warming ambiance Unique has created for you.

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