Kitchen Window Treatments

The kitchen is truly your home’s hearth. This is where you gather in the evenings after work and school to reconnect. It’s where you lazily share Sunday brunch and read the funnies. Where you sip that morning cup of coffee before dashing off to subways and buses and carpools. The kitchen isn’t just where you eat; it’s where you bond with your loved ones. And the wrong lighting—from a streetlamp’s mechanical glow to morning’s cold rays—can destroy that feeling of comfort and togetherness. Whether you need a sun-soaked and cozy area for your afternoon tea or a dimly lit private stage for boisterous evening meals, convenient light control, durability, and attractive design are essential components of every kitchen window treatment. Let Unique transform your kitchen easily with window top treatments or functional shutters or blinds to make the most out of the most trafficked room in your home.

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