Living Room Window Treatments

Imagine a small party that begins with hor d’oevres at sunset. You angle your soft blinds perfectly to catch twilight at its most luminous—its most precious. The ethereal atmosphere blows your guests away, but you have even more in store for them. The sun sets and you use your automated control pad to close your blinds while dimming the lights to perfection right before their eyes.

Keep your guests wanting more with the perfect atmosphere by Unique. Every time you entertain, whether it’s a posh dinner party for your executive team or simple holiday gatherings, your living room is the most likely place to bring people together and delight them with the ambiance they deserve.

The living room sets a formal tone for your entire home and poor lighting control or inferior window treatment design will mar the atmosphere you’re striving to create. (Imagine your Vice President of Sales squinting painfully from a harsh glare or your mother-in-law scowling at the bare feel of naked windows.) Whether you see yourself a fan of elegant simplicity in Gramercy Park or a high energy, high drama fashion maven on Central Park West, the way you dress your living room windows creates a lasting impression.

Let Unique develop a customized living room showcase for every occasion.

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