Solving Common Window Treatment Problems

Frequent problems plaguing homeowners who can’t decide on window treatments or have uniquely shaped or placed windows are the issues of style, color, type of window treatment and symmetry. However, following these tips and other helpful suggestions may assist you in finally completing your window treatment plans.

Choice of Colors

Implementing a contrasting color scheme in medium to larger sized rooms will instantly brighten the ambiance and create a dynamically visual cadence that enhances similarly accented decor. For example, hanging white curtains against a backdrop of magenta or burgundy walls or dark blue drapes accentuated by off-white walls creates a dramatic appearance of modern swank complementing equally bold furnishings.

A contemporary trend in window treatments involves yellow and blue drapes in a variety of patterns from simple stripes to eye-catching diamond shapes. The exciting balance between yellow and blue makes a room vibrate with energy while also asserting an aesthetic balance between the warmth of yellow and the coolness of blue. Try adding gray or white tiebacks to emphasize these marvelous colors.

Have you thought of harmonizing your window treatment colors with the wallpaper or color of the walls? When utilizing generous pattern placement in a room, you can effectively conceal flaws as well as place central focus on certain aspects of the room design. Drapes and walls resembling each other in color or print will also unify a room containing more than two small windows or rooms that feel cramped or cluttered. In addition, professional interior designers often use matching drapes and walls to direct attention to marvelous furnishings or artistic pieces.

More Solutions to Window Treatment Issues

If a room has high ceilings, hang drapes or curtains at the window frame level to make the room less cavernous and unfamiliar. Homeowners with tall windows and high ceilings often have a difficult time finding draperies that fit specific measurements. Selecting custom-designed draperies in this situation saves time and money while giving you exactly what you want.

Alternatively, to make a small room appear more spacious, hang floor-to-ceiling curtains or drapes to provide an illusion of height and elegance. Fabrics enhancing this type of curtain are silks or flowing, lightweight fabrics that hang simply and loosely, rather than stiffly like heavy draperies.

Window treatments for casement windows should consist of panels hanging from curtain rods that have been installed at the very top of the window. This allows curtains to open when the window opens outward rather than upward. Another option for casement window treatments are “swing-arm rods”, which swing into a room upon opening the window.

Choice of window treatment hardware can “make or break” a window treatment. Rods come in an astonishing amount of styles and decorative accents, constructed from wood, metal, bronze, pewter, black iron and platinum. In addition, not all rods are circular; some are square or hexagonal which provides rooms with an exclusively whimsical appearance you can’t get from traditionally shaped rods.

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