Spice Up Your Kitchen with New Window Treatments

Stylish, colorful window treatments are no longer relegated to living roomsbedrooms or master bathrooms. An amazing variety of window treatments for any type of kitchen design is available that incorporates texture, fabric, color, hardware and unique construction materials effectively enhancing appliances, cabinetry and various decorative items.

The most functional kind of above-the-sink kitchen window treatments are cafe curtains hung from the top rather than the middle of the window and vinyl roller shades. Dirty water splashing onto roller shades from the sink are cleaned easily while cafe curtains located near the top of the window do not get splashed.

Crown cafe curtains with adorable balloon valances or trendy cornices covered with linen give your kitchen a casually sophisticated appearance. Valances are adept at concealing less than attractive hardware as well and add to a sense of privacy. Additionally, cafe curtains allow sunlight to flood a kitchen at certain times of the day, offering the economical benefit of reducing energy costs during cooler months.

For windows surrounding the kitchen area, wooden shutters provide simple solutions to light control as well as privacy issues. Made from rich wood types of oak, basswood, ash and maple, these slat blinds adapt to just about any style from eclectic to traditional. Light and containing a beautifully uniform grain, basswood is the most popular material used to construct shutters because of its ability to resist warping, its strength and superior finishing qualities. You can also purchase wood shutters in a variety of colors.

If you love plants and your kitchen windowsills are full of organic items, natural bamboo blinds would be the perfect window treatment to transform your kitchen into a jungle-like paradise. Bamboo shades are clean and light, woven from flax, grasses, reeds and abaca and provide a variety of light control options. Window architecture can also be emphasized by hanging bamboo shades on the inside of kitchen windows and allowing the elegance of arching or rounded windows to spill over into the rest of the kitchen.

Interior designers planning modern kitchens emphasize color coordination or color contrast when addressing window treatments. Curtain patterns incorporating warm oranges and browns or deliciously cool blues and whites are just a few choices popular with homeowners. Red swag window toppers hemmed with white lace add just the right touch for kitchens exhibiting a country style while floral print swags convert a strictly functional appearance into one that is romantically demure.

Want your kitchen to ooze with charm? Hang fabric window treatments embroidered with appliqués of purple grapes, red apples and vivid oranges. Curtains decorated with scalloped lace edgings, velvet ribbon bandings, delicate tassels or playful flounces also provide your kitchen with individualized charisma and style.

For narrow kitchen windows, hang rods that are slightly longer than the window and hang window treatments that scarcely conceal the frame. Expose as much glass as possible to present the appearance of a wider window.

Alternatively, windows that are too wide can be broken into sections and made to appear smaller by hanging two or three curtain panels over the window. Vertically striped curtains will also reduce the width of the window by creating an illusion of extension and attenuation.

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