The Benefits of Motorized Shades

Technology is always working to improve the usefulness of our household items, and window shades are no different. Motorized window shades are becoming increasingly popular in residential and office spaces. To the home and business owners that use them, motorized window shades, which hook the shades up to a motor mechanism that raises and lowers the shades automatically, have several benefits.

Light and Sound Blocker:

Of course, the most obvious use for shades is to block light. As we all know there are times when you want a room as dark and as quiet as it can possibly be. Heavy, custom-sized motorized shades are perfect for blocking the light and sound out for a movie night or a living room sleepover. The fabric wall of shades might even improve the acoustics within the room, too.

Time Saver:

In a large home, letting the curtains close themselves can be a huge time saver. Rather than going room to room to close curtains yourself, you are able to enjoy time in the home. Each room is already situated the way you want it to be on its own, so there is no need to worry about anything.

Light Synchronization:

With a home control system, it’s possible to synchronize the lighting systems in a house to compensate for light with the shades. So, if the shades are raised and a lot of light is entering the home, the electric lights in the home will be dim or off completely. Conversely, if the shades are down or it is dark outside, the lights will be turned on.

Secure Space:

To passersby, motorized shades opening and closing on a schedule during the day will give the appearance that someone is home and is physically opening and closing the shades.

Private Space:

With the ability to set timers on motorized shades, homeowners are able to time shades t open and close exactly when they want them to for privacy. If you like waking up to the sunlight but don’t want the neighbors to see you get out of bed, for example, the shades could lower at the same time that the alarm clock goes off. Therefore, both of your preferred quality of life standards – sunlight in the morning and privacy – are being honored.

Energy Efficiency:

Motorized shades promote energy efficiency in the space by allowing the homeowner to block unwanted heat out of the space. At certain times of day, the sun beams directly through some windows, heating the space and making it necessary for a cooling mechanism such as an air conditioner or central air to be used in order to bring the temperature back to a comfortable level. With motorized shades, a timer can be set to lower the shades at the sunniest parts of the day, blocking out unwanted sunlight. This cuts down on cooling costs and allows for a more comfortable space to come home to.

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