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The Predator 2018 The Predator 2018 Spanish Free Download Torrent

The Predator 2018

Young boy accidentally fatally hunter in the universe when they fall to the ground, a group of soldiers and unknown soldiers scientists, to only end teachers to end human beings.

Director: Shane Black

Authors: Fred Dekker Shane Black

Stars: Boyd Holbrook, TrevantRhodes, Jacob Tremblay

Genres: Action | adventures | horror movies | Science fiction | thriller

Country: United States | In Canada

Predator 2018 TS-1XBET

Language: English

Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280×536 3274 kbps

Audio:Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo224kbps

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When the young boy accidentally falls into the fatally unfavorable hunter, a group of soldiers, soldiers and unknown scientists will have to stop being the only professor to end human beings.


Authors by Shane Black:

Fred Dekker Shane Black | The small neighborhood is on the street outside the space. Now, Susvetdiraeta is a deadly hunter that is increasingly deadly, genetically recovering more powerful than DNA, forming another type.Unexpectedly destroying the boy, unless he is a teacher of science, discipline of soldiers, soldiers and soldiers, unless it is a group of individual soldiers, end up being a disavowal.

To reach outer space in neighboring neighborhoods, it has helped home the Blacks to Predator series to recover the explosive Shane. Now, universal death is stronger than ever palyavnichyYany, and as a light genetically able to repair other species DNA.Boy unexpectedly destroyed, returning from the ground, soldiers and soldiersWithout a team of disciplinary science teachers, except for an individual band of soldiers, it can be at the end of humanity.

The Predator 2018

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