Tips and Ideas for Children’s Window Treatments

While children’s bedroom window treatments need to be resistant to wear and tear, parents want the treatments to look classically charming and reflect the personality of the child. Window treatments for smaller children’s rooms should also be functional in regards to effectively darkening the room when a much needed nap is necessary.

Tips and ideas include:

  • Avoid hanging drapes or curtains that reach the floor in a child’s bedroom. It is too easy for playing children to accidentally grab the panels and force them off the rods.
  • Beads, cording or other potentially detachable decorations should not be found on children’s window treatments. Decorations considered safe are those that are imprinted onto the fabric and cannot be pulled off by busy hands
  • Devices used to open and close curtains such as cords or rods should be placed near the curtain rods at the top of the window. Dangling cords become dangerous items around small children and pets
  • Blinds and roller shades are good choices as window treatments for children’s bedrooms. Enhancing these classic treatments with valances or decorative rods is just one of the many ways parents can enhance the appearance of the room. For girls, opt for ruffled valances and for boys, pleated valances.
  • Brightening a child’s room by using the primary colors–red, yellow and blue–is an easy way to decorate without worrying about mismatching the color scheme. Curtains, bed clothes, rugs and wall paint that are all one or more of the primary colors makes an attractive and dynamic room any child would love
  • Wood blinds are safe, easy to clean with a feather duster and provide excellent light control
  • Installing remote control window treatments is another great way to maximize safety features involved in decorating a child’s room. With no cords or rods to tempt curious children, these window treatments remain the way you place them until changed using a remote control device from anywhere in the home.
  • If hanging curtains, choose fabrics that are easy to wash, dry and change according to the age of the child. A ten year old will not want the same curtains he had when he was three!

Other items in children’s rooms that can match the same fabric as a window treatment include bed skirts, throw pillows, lamp shades and table coverings. Using cornice boxes that conceal curtain hardware provides a nifty display shelf for special toys, pictures and trophies that also keeps these items safe from accidental breakage.

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