Tips for Selecting the Best Window Treatments

Window treatments should address several issues beyond the aesthetic appeal they provide for the room in which they hang. Living in a heavily populated city like New York, most residents consider the issue of privacy as one of the most important when purchasing curtains, drapes or blinds.

Privacy not only means preventing prying eyes from peering into your family’s business but also solves the problem of restricting large amounts of illumination from entering the room. Shift workers and light sleepers should dress their bedroom windows with blackout curtains or drapes. Features of blackout curtains include:

  • Ability to prevent 99 percent of outside light from infiltrating a room
  • Provides excellent insulation against cold and heat
  • Offers substantial reduction on energy bills
  • Total privacy is assured when used properly

Blackout curtains and drapes also come in a variety of styles to accentuate the decor of any room.

For less drastic reductions in sunlight, cellular shades or sheers give rooms a warm, rosy luminescence during the afternoon and early evening when the sun is setting. Sheers are usually made of semi-transparent lightweight fabrics that permit some light in while providing partial privacy. Cellular shades or “honeycomb” blinds are named for their ability to trap air within “cells” that are incorporated into the design. These cells absorb heat during summer and prevent loss of heat during winter.

Hang cellular shades or sheers in rooms where you would like a medium amount of sunlight to enter while also enhancing privacy. In addition, honeycomb shades provide an adequate noise barrier by muffling loud sounds occurring outside the window. Cleaning them is easily accomplished with a feather duster or using a vacuum brush attachment.

If you have children or are often visited by grandchildren and worry about their safety due to hanging window blind cords, install cordless shades that are operated using a remote control device and have no cords dangling to attract curious hands.

Dress den, office or even bathroom windows with beautiful, richly stained wood blinds to create a polished yet inviting appearance that also provides maximum privacy and light when needed. Available in many varieties such as vertical or horizontally opening blinds, woven wood and faux wood, wooden blinds are durable, versatile and long-lasting, offering New York City residents years of functional as well as aesthetic enjoyment.

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