Types of Window Fashions

No longer relegated to traditional drapes, curtains or Venetian blinds, window fashions today run the gamut from energy-saving honeycomb shades to extravagant valances designed to substitute as curtains on small, hard-to-fit windows. Fabrics used in making window treatments are also more diverse, with the standard cotton blends still found decorating most windows but quickly becoming somewhat retro due to fashionable, non-traditional materials such as suede and mohair gaining in popularity.

Decorative Window Shades

Stylish and elegant, decorative window shades offer endless possibilities regarding the type of window fashion desired in a certain room. Choose among naturally woven shades, solar shades, pleated shades and colored or printed roller shades. In addition, custom-made shades to fit any window shape is accessible by simply measuring window dimensions and adding a description of fabric, color and design to the order.

Balloon Fabric Shades

When you want your window to be the focal point of a room, balloon fabric shades provide dramatic emphasis and an added sense of depth to the room as well. Some balloon shades come with inverted pleats about 10 to 13 inches apart and cascades in to pretty puffs of material along the hem of the shade.

Relaxed Roman Shades

Made with soft fabric for a casual, comfortable appearance, relaxed roman shades fall evenly from top to bottom to form amorphous, hemline swags just below the window frame. For shades that are narrower than normal, a single swag is all that is needed to complete the shade.

Honeycomb Shades

Cellular, or honeycomb shades, are made with fabric-like material that is soft and exhibits color extremely well regardless of hue. These shades do not suffer fading from consistently strong sunlight and are energy efficient, especially in the summer. Decorators find honeycomb shades eclectically attractive because of the hexagonal cells that comprise the entire shade. Moreover, they provide excellent control of privacy and light. Honeycomb shade styles include twin cell, dual light, petite cell and blackout honeycomb window fashions.

Drapery Fashions

Intended for taller, larger windows, drapes are made with heavier fabrics such as brocade, velvet and damask that come in an astounding variety of colors and designs. Drape styles are generally distinguished by the way they are pleated at the top, such as pinch pleat, goblet pleats and pencil pleats. Some drapes can be purchased with a valance already sewn into the upper portion of the drape.

Curtain Fashions

Curtains are applicable for windows in any room in the home. Varieties of curtains are nearly endless–tab-top, grommet-top, casement and sheers are just a few of the many curtain designs available to decorate in any manner you chose. Generally, curtains fabrics are lighter than drapery fabrics and can be easily fashioned to accommodate all window dimensions.

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