Window Blinds for Your Kitchen

Window treatments for kitchen windows need to be changed frequently because of environmental components related to cooking. Curtains especially develop mysterious stains over time, start to smell like every dish you have cooked and fade every time you try washing them. Fortunately, an alternative to curtains exists that does not fade and can be cleaned using a cloth and cleaning fluid.

 Kitchen Blinds

The many benefits of hanging blinds instead of fabric curtains in your kitchen include:

  • Makes it easy for homeowners to control the amount of light, privacy and air flow by directing through lowering and raising of blind slats
  • Vinyl or metal blinds need little maintenance other than a quick wipe-down once a month. In addition, you don’t need to take them down to clean them.
  • Wood blinds are fashionable as well as versatile, treated with water-resistant staining that can be made to harmonize with other kitchen colors. These blinds can be cleaned using Murphy’s oil soap
  • Kitchen blinds also reduce the amount of noise filtering through open windows
  • Blinds are much easier to install than hanging curtains
  • If you want more than just blinds in your kitchen, add window toppers or drapery panels as a decorative touch that does not take away the functionality of the blinds

 Woven Wood Blinds

Give your kitchen the look of rustic simplicity with woven wood blinds made from bamboo, grasses, reeds and other natural materials. Depending on fabric density or the presence of blackout liners, woven wood blinds provide privacy as well as control of illumination level in the kitchen.

These blinds are also available with options regarding trim cut scalloped styles such as Greek, elevated and straight. Colors of woven wood blinds generally include chestnut brown, beige or white. Cleaning blinds involves a regular light dusting using a sweeper’s brush attachment.

Decorating for the Eclectic Kitchen

Have you been thinking of totally redesigning your kitchen? Start by putting up dramatic horizontal or vertical black wood window blinds with red or green valances. Build on this elegantly modern color combination by painting or installing new cabinets equally stylistic in color. Place plants with dark green leaves in unique planters around the kitchen, placing red or green doilies underneath them. Vibrant colors like black, red, green and blue make any kitchen appear dazzling and divine.

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