Window Treatment Ideas

Window treatments refer to drapes, curtains, blinds or any other item used to decorate windows. They can also be strictly functional, as in window treatments involving plastic coverings and drapes backed with insulating material.

 “Hard” Window Treatments

These types of window treatments consist of blinds, shutters and shades, all of which provide protection from strong sunlight and offer different levels of privacy. An example of a popular shutter is the Plantation shutter. Made from one inch panels that open and close via louvers to access varying amounts of darkness or illumination, Plantation shutters fit inside window frames and utilize attached hinges that allow people immediate access to windows. Attractive and adaptable to any decor, these shutters also function as energy-savers by preventing cold air from entering the home.

Venetian Window Blinds

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular types of hard window treatments that look great in any room in the home. You can install Venetian blinds on the inside or outside of the window frame, depending on whether you want to hang curtains without having to utilize extended rods. Before purchasing Venetian blinds, make sure you take accurate measurements so the blinds fit without exposing too much window.

Window Shades

Varieties of window shades are sheer, Roman, Honeycomb, woven wood, roller, blackout and solar screens. Shades can be motorized as well, operated using a remote control unit that lowers and raises the shade while in bed or another part of the room. Materials used in making shades include fabric, bamboo, cellular (for Honeycomb shades), grasses and reeds (for woven wood shades) and wood. Window shades are applicable to large windows, French doors, hard to reach windows, sliding doors, arched windows and sidelights.

Soft Window Treatments

Soft window treatments consist of drapes, sheers, curtains, lace panels, fabric shades and valances. Pertinent information regarding soft window treatments includes:

  • Insulated draperies backed with acrylic foam make excellent energy savers
  • Sheer pastel panels work well in bathrooms, providing both privacy and light
  • Hanging a decorative valance or swag over a picture window not only enhances the window but the view as well
  • If a window seems awkwardly narrow, try installing a curtain rod slightly longer than the width of the window. By hanging curtains to fit the rod, you will create an illusion that the window is larger than it really is
  • To make ceilings seem higher, hang drapes slighter higher than you normally would.
  • An inexpensive way to enhance soft window treatments is to embellish them with fringes, cords and tassels
  • Remember to purchase draperies that have the same color backing, such as ivory or white, since this will be showing outside all of the windows covered with these draperies

Colors of window treatments are just as important as style of the blind or curtain. For example, warm, inviting hues like deep pink, yellow, green or a pale magenta make a room exciting and vibrant, while more subdued colors such as whites and off-whites, grays and cool silvers and blues present a more calm and peaceful ambiance.

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