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Unique Window Treatments provides best in class service and a wide range of window treatment products.  Our window treatment professionals have over 20 years New York City experience. We provide high quality products, custom fabrication, stunning designs, and white glove installation.

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Every project is unique.  The design process is customized to the achieve the look and light control needed for your home or business.  No matter what type of window treatment your looking for Unique window treatments is your one stop shop.  Best of all we come to you.

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Window Blinds


The perfect blinds give you control and privacy. Find solutions and create indescribable ambiance. Transform your home the comfortable retreat you dreamed of. More about blinds.

Window Shades


Our team can help you find, design and install shades for any window. We specialize in motorization for the ultimate in light control and offer one of the widest assortments of products to pick from..More about shades.

Soft Shades


Soft shades are the perfect combination of flair and durability. A unique window covering that combines the grace of drapery with the resilience of shades. Soft shades allow creative design, avalable in bold jewel tones to tranquil neutrals or any pattern you can imagine.More about shades.

Top Treatments and Accessories


You’ve selected the perfect blind or shade for your living room. The ambiance is there. The color selections you’ve made are so beautiful. So elegant. Yet it still feels like something is missing.More about Top Treatments.



Imagine collapsing into your comfortable love seat after a hard day’s work to enjoy the sunset with your partner. The moment is tender. Perfect. Unique.More about shutters.



Remember the last time you spent the night in a luxurious 5-star hotel? Picture stirring from the perfect darkness, stretching leisurely, and then pulling apart the fine linen draperies to watch the sun pour in.



Do your windows need daily adjustment? Are they large and hard to reach? How would you like to enjoy the comfort & security of today’s technology to tackle all of these issues at once? Explore the convenience motorization provides.

Going Green with Window Treatments


A committed provider of energy efficient window coverings and lighting and shading systems, Unique helps both individuals and commercial developers prevent the energy waste that leads to climate change.

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